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White iPhone 4G/HD Back Panel Gets Leaked [New Images]

The PowerbookMedic publishes new photos of the White iPhone 4G/HD Back Panel. PowerbookMedic claims that they got it from one of its parts suppliers. I cannot believe that we have come to a point where all these iPhone 4G leaks are not even a big deal to us anymore.

Images after the jump…

iphone hdwhite 4gen iphone back 2

According to MacRumors, the model number and other identification numbers on the back of this case suggests that the parts represent a prototype build and are not from the final release.

white 4gen iphone back

In addition to the white back panel, PowerbookMedic has also published images of white front panel the digitizer and midboard assemblies. [via MacRumors]

Apple is expected to unveil iPhone 4G loaded with iPhone OS 4.0 at WWDC 2010 starting from June 7.

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