iPhone HD/4G Teardown

iPhone 4G/HD Teardown

Before returning the lost iPhone 4G prototype back to apple, Gizmodo Teardown the iPhone 4G and have taken several pictures of iPhone 4G interior.

iphone hdThe first noticeable thing was the battery which occupies almost 50% of the phone space. so expect more battery juice in the iPhone HD/4G. Of course, the battery is not user replaceable. On the other hand the logic board is drastically smaller and enclosed in a metal case. Plus 40-50 screws, most of which are quite difficult to unscrew.

The company name “APPLE” has also been written at three separate places, inside the case.  No more info is known as Gizmodo didn’t want to break the metal case of the logic board to know if it’s loaded with iPad like processor and how much RAM is inside.

iphone 4g teardown 1iphone 4g teardown 2

You can checkout all screenshots at Gizmodo.

iPhone 4G is likely to be unveiled at WWDC 2010 this June and it will be loaded with iPhone OS 4.0.

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