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New Evidence Proves iPhone 4G Leaked Images are Legit

The matter of authenticity of leaked iPhone HD/4G prototype photos is heating up as the Engadget has fired back with proof that the previously reported iPhone HD images are authentic.

They point to a legitimately leaked iPad image which apparently included a shot of an unknown device in the top right corner which is the one leaked yesterday and is being claimed to be iPhone 4G prototype. They also say that their source claim that this is the next generation iPhone with higher resolution screen, front-facing camera, higher resolution camera with flash and takes MicroSIM cards.

If you’ll recall, the night before the iPad was revealed, we had leaked shots of the device from what appeared to be an Apple test lab. Upon further inspection of these pictures today, the aforementioned editor discovered that the new iPhone 4G we’ve just gotten photos of is actually sitting on the table beside the iPad prototype! Imagine how blown our minds were when we realized we have had a photo of the next iPhone for months!

Earlier leaked photos are posted as a gallery below. WeiPhone has also posted images what appears to be the internals of this device… check out the photos

via Engadget

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