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AT&T iPhone Exclusivity to End on Jan 27th?

It’s not the only iTablet expected to be announced on Jan 27th event, Apple is also going to end the AT&T iPhone exclusivity on the coming big event, according to HotHardware.

So, summing up all the rumors; Apple is expected to bring iTablet, iPhone OS 4.0 beta and an end to AT&T exclusivity, the coming week is shaping up to be a big week for Apple. Apple’s iPhone sales could skyrocket — especially since some people have avoided the iPhone like the plague strictly because of AT&T.

Nothing however is said or heard about which carrier(s) is going to carry iPhone come this Wednesday. Rumors also has it that the Apple’s iTablet is headed to Verizon which makes perfect sense that AT&T exclusivity is going to an end and Apple will offer iPhone via Verzion (exclusively?).

One thing to consider, however, is that if AT&T loses its exclusivity this Wednesday, who’s going to want to buy an AT&T-locked iPhone until the next generation model comes out?

Apple is expected to announce iTablet and iPhone OS 4.0 oat the special event coming this Wednesday.

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