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Google Voice Out for iPhone Via an HTML5 WebApp

Google has released its Google Voice app for iPhone and also bypassed the Apple AppStore restriction by releasing it as an HTML5 WebApp.

Using Google Voice, you can make cheap long-distance calls, forward calls from a one phone number to multiple phones, among other things. According to TechCrunch, “The new Google Voice mobile site shows your inbox with transcribed calls, which you can play from the browser. You can also send SMS messages or dial from the browser. The application ends up making a local call through your cell phone to Google Voice, which then routes your call through its own lines. When someone gets the call, they see your Google Voice number instead of your AT&T number. And when you get a voicemail, a notification even pops up on your iPhone with the transcribed message (through SMS)”

You can access the new version iPhone’s Safari browser. The new app will go live later today at

If you have got a jailbroken iPhone there’s an app named GV Mobile + which offers an enhanced version of the Google Voice app that Apple rejected from the AppStore in July.

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