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Apple Splits App Store into Two Versions

Apple has introduced two flares for its iTunes App Store, one for iPhone and the other for iPad. When you go to the App store from the iTunes Store, there you’ll see two buttons at the top of the home page of the app store. By clicking on those two buttons, user can switch between […]

Apple Approves Kindle App for iPad

Amazon’s Kindle app for iPad has finally made his way into the App Store with over 450,000 books, magazines and newspapers. Kindle app is already available for iPhone and iPod Touch and now optimized for the iPad at the right time.

Dragon Dictation App for iPad is Available Now

Dragon Dictation is now available for iPad. Dragon Dictation is powered by Dragon NaturallySpeaking and is an easy-to-use voice recognition app for iPad. You can easily compose Text messages, emails, documents by speaking it. In fact, it’s up to 5 times faster than typing on the keyboard.

iBooks App Hits the iPad App Store

Apple’s iBooks app is now available on the iPad App Store. iBooks not only is a book reader but also an online bookstore. So, using iBooks app, you can purchase and read books on your iPad. iBooks features include:

iPad Apps Now Available in the iTunes App Store

iPad is hitting shelves tomorrow but iPad apps are already live in the iTunes App Store. As told on the iPad announcement day that all iPhone apps will be supported with iPad OTB but the apps for iPad are developed and optimized specifically for iPad and offers bigger resolution and works perfectly on iPad.

Apple Now Accepting iPad Apps Submissions!

Apple has invited all iPhone/iPad developers to submit their apps developed for iPad to the App Store for inclusion in the Grand launching of the iPad store on April 3rd with the iPad release. Of course Apple wants a handful of quality apps for iPad on its launching day.