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Apple to refresh its iPod touch, nano and shuffle line-up on July 14?

Apple will be refreshing its lineup of portable media players including iPod Touch, iPod nano, and iPod Shuffle on July 14, claims a somewhat reliable French website

According to the sources of the web site, iPod nano (codenamed “N31A”) and iPod Shuffle (“N12D”) will be getting the minor revision with the introduction of new colors. The iPod Touch (codenamed “N102”) will reportedly be the star of that day with a more significate update. iPod Touch is reportedly getting a 64-bit processor bump though the rest of the changes remains unknown.

Earlier this month, some unreleased colors were spotted in iTunes 12.2, including an iPod Touch in darker blue color, the iPod nano in a new gold or beige color and an iPod Shuffle in brighter pink color.

iPod new color

The revelation of unreleased iPod devices in iTunes 12.2, earlier this month, led to the rumors that Apple was planning to refresh its iPod lineup soon despite their declining popularity. A few eagle-eyed out there also noticed that the Calendar app on the iPod Touch display “Tuesday” and “14,” which is completely in-line with the information shared by’s sources.

A total of six new colors for the iPod Touch, iPod nano, and iPod Shuffle were found, by the MacRumors, hidden inside iTunes resource files. These six new colors include silver, space gray, red, bright pink, deep blue and light gold.

The last time, Apple had updated its iPod Touch and iPod nano was back in October 2012, and iPod Shuffle was updated in September 2010.

Are you interested in buying an iPod if Apple launches new models on July 14?

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