iOS Keyboard for iPhone, iPad

iOS Keyboard

Third-party iOS keyboards for iPhone and iPad were revealed at WWDC 2014, where Apple unveiled iOS 8. While announcing different iOS 8 features, Apple also announced that third-party keyboards are coming to iOS.

Apple was reluctant to allow developers to tinker with iOS keyboard since the days of Steve Jobs, but things are going to change now. Apple is loosening its iOS customization restrictions with the release of iOS which allows third-party iOS keyboards for iPhone and iPad, along with the widgets. This new API open door for widely popular Android keyboards such as SwiftKey, Fleksy Swype and others.

It’s first time that Apple has opened up iOS keyboard to developers. And once the custom iOS keyboards are available in the app store, you’ll be able to enable your favorite input method or layout systemwide. With custom iOS keyboard installed, you’ll have the option to swipe rather than type, or use the classic keyboard layout.

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