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Fleksy Keyboard for iOS 8 to support for 40 Languages

When Apple CEO, Tim Cook,  took on stage at WWDC 2014, majority knew that Apple would be announcing major new changes to its mobile operating system, but we didn’t foresee the third-party keyboard support in iOS 8. At WWDC 2014, Apple announced that iOS 8 will support 3rd party iOS keyboards. Soon after the announcement, many 3rd party keyboard makers announced their keyboards for iOS including Swype, Swiftkey and Fleksy.

Fleksy keyboard is a famous and one of the most liked keyboards by android users due to its easy user interface and accurate prediction software. Fleksy, one of the best smart keyboard company, threw a major update to its Android beta supporting 15 new languages and improvements for all existing languages which now exceed 35 in number. Therefore its one of the multi-lingual keyboard app.

Some of the newly added languages include beta modules for Norwegian, Catalan, Hebrew, Croatian and Romanian, which were most requested languages by the Fleksy user community. While regional variants for some pre existing languages have been added including English (UK), Brazilian Portuguese, French Canadian and Latin American Spanish have also been added.

After the public release of iOS 8 this fall, users will be able to install third-party keyboards, Thanks to Apple’s recent openness and extensibility. Some Android keyboards including Swype, Fleksy and SwiftKey, as well as soft-keyboards i.e Adaptxt and Minuum, are being developed for iOS 8.

Fleksy already teased its upcoming iOS 8 keyboard and promised to be one of the first third-party keyboards on iOS 8. Months back, Fleksy released a standalone iPhone app as a teaser of how a third-party keyboard could enhance the typing experience. In a media release the company confirmed that Fleksy keyboard will be available when iOS 8 launches.

fleksy ios 8Kosta Eleftheriou, Founder and CEO of Fleksy in his statement said:-

Today’s update represents a major, cross-platform engineering milestone for us. We are excited to confirm that are on schedule to support a total of over 40 languages, for both Android and iOS, out of beta by this fall

Fleksy has been working on increasing its language count for quite some time now and it plans on adding many more in the near future. According to Fleksy, its iOS keyboard will support about forty different languages when launched, with more to be added via future updates. We are getting more excited to get our hands on iOS 8 and 3rd-party iOS keyboard such as Fleksy.

Apple has also added QuickType feature to its iOS 8 keyboard to make typing faster and much easier.

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