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Download Swype keyboard for iOS [Free for Limited Time]

After over seven years since Apple introduced the very first iPhone and in 8th major iOS release i.e. iOS 8, users now have the ability to install third-party custom keyboards on their iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. There are numerous 3rd-party keyboards for iOS available in the app store, however, Swype keyboard is considered one of the best options available for iOS users.

If you’ve not tried any 3rd-party keyboard on your iPhone or iPad, now is the best time. Swype, one of our favorite custom keyboard for iPhone and iPad, has gone free for limited time as Apple’s app of the week. Swype for iOS is usually priced at $0.99 in the app store.

For those not familiar with Swype, it’s a 3rd party iOS keyboard that can be installed on your iPhone and iPad from the app store. Swype has championed Gestured based typing on smartphones and a best option for those tired of tapping to type.

swype ios features

Since she published it, the app has also been updated with support for more languages and improved iPad layout, making it an even more solid option. With Swype installed, all you do is swype your finger over the keys to spell a word. The keyboard is great at accuracy and predicting what you intended to type. It can also add common punctuation to the sentence and also allows users to capitalize first letter of a word by swiping off the top of the keyboard.

The Swype keyboard shines in one hand use by allowing you to type with one hand and you’ll still find yourself pretty quick. Words can also be saved to your personal dictionary with a tap. The keyboard also comes with Keypad option fr easier digit entry, themes and emoticons key.

Download Swype for iOS

You can download Swype, one of the best 3rd-party keyboards for iOS, from the app store for Free (Limited time offer). So go ahead and download Swype while it’s free. [Download Swype – iTunes Link]

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