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iTypeFastR Now Supports iPhone OS 3.0

iTypeFastR has been updated and is now supported with iPhone OS 3.0.

iTypeFastR an iPhone Keyboard designed in a way to improve input speed. While preserving the QWERTY layout, some keys that are used most often are much larger to have quick and easy access.

Improvements in latest release includes:


  • Compatibility with iPhone firmware 3.x (OS 3). This is the most important part, and was quite complicated to get fixed
  • We got rid of two emoticons on the numeric screen. Many of you requested to increase the size of the spacebar and decrease that of the emoticons, so we did.


  • We did many improvements on the landscape screen. It is much much better now
  • We got rid of the ‘peel back animation’ between the keyboard to give it a more clean look – We introduced a small ’emboss’ on all the keys to make it look slightly better


  • N : 3 pixels less at the bottom (coordinates file only)

because the ‘N’ was sometimes outputted when ‘space’ was meant

You can get iTypeFastR from Cydia under BigBoss repository. and Yes, you need to pay for it. However, a trial is also available if you want to test it first.

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