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find apple tv serial number in settings

How to find Apple TV’s serial number

You can easily locate your Apple TV’s serial number under Settings app. A serial number of a device is a handy string to be able to access. The serial number of an Apple TV becomes of utmost importance when you need to send in for service and keep a record to identify your device later. [...]

how to reset notes password iphone ipad mac

How to reset Notes password on iPhone, iPad and Mac

You can lock the Notes app on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac to secure your Notes. This effectively keeps the prying eyes off your private data. However if you don’t use the Notes lock feature often, it can be quite easy to forget the password set for the Notes app.

How to sort contacts by first name on iphone ipad mac

How to Sort Contacts by First Name on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Looking for a way to sort your contacts on iPhone, iPad, or Mac by the first name? You have come to the right place. By default, Apple sorts your contacts on iOS and Mac by the last name. While it is a norm to use last name indexing for clients and work contacts, most of [...]

how to download flickr photos

How to download your Flickr Photos

Want to download all your Flickr photos? Now might be a good time to log into your Flickr account and download all your photos to your computer so you may have a local copy of your images and pictures. In this guide, we are going to show you how you can download your photos from [...]

how to automatically answer iphone calls with speaker

How to automatically answer iPhone calls with speakerphone

By default, any call that you receive on your iPhone will play voice through the standard earpiece at the top of your iPhone. And if you want to turn the voice to the loudspeaker, you manually tap on the ‘speaker’ icon during an ongoing call. While this is how most of the users use the [...]

how to use continuity camera on macOS and iPhone

How to use Continuity Camera on macOS Mojave and iOS 12

The Continuity Camera feature of macOS Mojave and iOS 12 allows you to use your iPhone or iPad to take a photo of something or scan a document and it will appear instantly on your Mac. Many apps, including Messages, Mail, Finder, and more support the feature of Mac and iOS.

how to backup selecting app data to iCloud

How to Choose What to Backup to iCloud – iPhone and iPad

Apple provides only 5GB of storage for backup for free. If you are limited on iCloud storage space and have not subscribed any paid Apple’s cloud storage options, you can manually choose what app data to sync with your iCloud account from your iPhone or iPad.

how to reset airpods

How to Reset AirPods to Factory Settings

Are you experiencing problems with your AirPods? A simple AirPods reset can become handy in such situations. Apple’s wireless pair of AirPods are ultra-portable, allows you to easily access Siri, and they sound great. These still are electronics, and electronics are subject to malfunctioning or failure. In this guide, we are going to show you [...]

how to fix bluetooth issues on iphone xs max

How to Fix iPhone XS / XS Max Bluetooth Issues

Are you experiencing Bluetooth connectivity issues with your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max? You have come to the right place. Despite DxOMark crowning iPhone XS Max as a handset with “the best smartphone cameras ever,” and DisplayMate gave iPhone XS Max the “Best Every Smartphone display” award, the new smartphones come with their own set of [...]

enter passwords on apple tv using iphone

How to use iPhone to enter passwords on an Apple TV

Entering passwords on an Apple TV has been an issue that Apple TV users have been experiencing for years. Instead of entering a password, many tvOS apps follows a round-trip with a browser, providing a verification code that you enter either using your mobile browser or a desktop computer to log into your account on [...]

how to fix wifi issues on iphone xs max

Fix: Wi-Fi issues on iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS

Here you will find several troubleshooting tips to fix WiFi issues on your iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS. If you are experiencing any kind of problem with the WiFi connectivity on your iPhone or iPad, follow these troubleshooting tips that have helped out readers in the past.