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Tim Cook’s iPhone X Slips Out of His Pocket [Video]

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, is already rocking company’s latest iPhone X ahead of its official launch on November 3. It turned out to be the white iPhone X that Tim Cook is currently using which is expected to be the more popular color choice among consumers this time around. The CEO had his iPhone X with him during a Q&A session at Oxford University earlier this week and it slipped out of his pocket.

iphone x new design

The iPhone X was peeking out of Cook’s pocket through the Q&A session before it finally slipped out of his pocket onto the couch. Cook noticed that his shiny new iPhone had slipped out of his pocket, he quickly checked his notifications, flipped it upside down and let it rest on the couch.

Despite featuring an edge-to-edge display with little to no bezels around it, the 5.8-inch OLED panel on iPhone X does make it a large device to handle. However, it is not as unwieldy and large as the iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone 7 Plus.

Tim Cook’s iPhone X falls out of his pocket. from apple

Since the iPhone X does not show expended unread notifications without unlocking the device, and Cook’s face was not really in front of the device, it’s unlikely that he was able to check its unread notifications.

Apple unveiled iPhone X alongside iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, but it got delayed due to manufacturing related issues. The iPhone X will go up for pre-orders on October 27 followed by the availability in the retail store on November 3.

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