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First Apple Watch Orders being delivered in Australia

While the US based Apple Watch buyers will be waiting a few more hours to received their pre-ordered Apple Watch because it’s still April 23rd. However, in Australia, it’s already April 24th, which emans buyers has already started getting their pre-ordered Apple Watch delivered to them.

Those Australian citizens who were able to place an early pre-order for the Apple Watch, deliveries to those buyers have reportedly begun. Many buyers who have already received their Apple Watch have turned to Twitter, Instagram, and various Internet forums and posted pictures of what they just received from Apple, reports MacRumors.

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After Australia, the early buyers of Apple Watch in Hong Kong, China and Japan will begin receiving their orders, followed by France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Deliveries in the United Stated will start arriving at approximately 9:00 AM Eastern Time. Along with the deliveries being made to the buyers, Apple has also updated it’s Apple Watch section of it’s online website. After months of teasing and build up, Apple Watch’s website tagline now reads: ‘The Watch is here.’ Apple has also rolled around App Store for the Apple Watch and posted a User Guide in preparation of the launch. Apple Watch will not be available in Apple Retail store on April 24th as the orders were limited to online reservations only.

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