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Vlingo Voice App: Send Email and SMS from iPhone by Speaking

Vlingo corporation has released a major update to its iPhone app, Vlingo for iPhone, adding the ability to send Text messages and emails using voice commands with a redesigned UI.

Google Voice Search, Dragon Search, Dragon Dictation, Bing for the iPhone, ShoutOUT TXT and Siri, are similar voice-to-text application for iPhone but the major difference is that you can do more, within a single application, using Vlingo.

What’s New in Version 2.0.0

  • EMAIL: Send an email by speaking a contact, subject and message body. For example, “Email Chris, Subject Tonight, Message Running a bit late!”
  • SMS Paste:  Send a text message by speaking a contact and message. Simply say, “Text Mike, Message How are you?
  • Redesign: We’ve done a full graphical redesign to make Vlingo even faster and easier to use.

Using Vlingo – Voice app simply speak to your iPhone to:

  • Send email & SMS messages (In App Purchase)
  • Search Google Maps (Free)
  • Update your Facebook & Twitter status (Free)
  • Search the web using Google, Bing or Yahoo! (Free)
  • Call anyone in your phonebook (Free)

So while using Vlingo – Voice app you don’t have to open up a new or different app to do a web search, send an e-mail or SMS or update Twitter or Facebook, you can do it all within one app.

Check out the Vlingo – Voice app for iPhone new feature in action:

[iTunes Link]

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