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How to Create HTML Signatures for Email on iPhone, iPad

On an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can not only setup multiple email signatures for each account, you can also make your email signatures HTML rich. HTML signature means, you can add links to your website and your emails in your signatures. This way you can give easy and quick access to the relevant […]

How to Gift iPhone or iPad Apps from App Store

Ever wanted to gift an iPhone or iPad app to your loved ones? Whether it’s for the holidays, birthday, or for any reason, Apple makes it easy to gift iPad/iPhone apps available in the app store. Not sure how to gift an iOS app? Hit the jump to learn…

How to Send Contact Card (vCard) From iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Sharing a contact info via contact card is much faster than typing it out. You can easily and quickly send contact card (vCard)from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch either using SMS or iMessage. All you need is the contact, that you wanna send, must be listed in your iOS Contacts app. Then it’s just a […]

How to Change iPhone Carrier Logo

You can easily change your iPhone’s carrier logo to an image of your own choice easily. For jailbreak users changing iPhone carrier is nothing new. However, A tool named CarrierEditor which not only allows you to change carrier logo of iPhone / iPad to an image, it also does NOT require any jailbreak. It means, with […]

How to Set up Multiple Email Signatures in iOS 6

iOS 6 brought 200+ new features to iPhone, ipad and iPod Touch. Email specific iOS 6 features include VIPs, attach photos in-line, pull-to-refresh, open password-protected Office docs, flagged mailbox and per account signatures. Yes, you can now set up multiple signatures in iOS 6 Mail app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch…

How to Add Contacts to iPhone

In this guide you’ll learn how to add contacts to iPhone. Adding new contacts to your iPhone makes calling/texting very simple and convenient. iPhone lets you practically add unlimited number of contacts on iPhone. Hit the jump to learn about the numerous ways to add contact to iPhone…