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How to Change iPhone Carrier Logo

You can easily change your iPhone’s carrier logo to an image of your own choice easily. For jailbreak users changing iPhone carrier is nothing new. However, A tool named CarrierEditor which not only allows you to change carrier logo of iPhone / iPad to an image, it also does NOT require any jailbreak. It means, with CarrierEditor, you can easily change iPhone carrier logo without jailbreaking it.
CarrierEditor is developed by uhelios and Pix3lDemonand and the tool is available for Mac OS X only. It generates a carrier configuration file which is then loaded into your iPhone via iTunes to change its carrier logo. Simply follow the detailed instruction below to change your iPhone carrier logo to an image of your own choice.

How to Change iPhone Carrier Logo

  1. Download CarrierEditor dmg file [Download link]
  2. Double click to mount the dmg file. Now lauch the and click on “Let’s Get Started.”
  3. On your iPhone, go to: Settings > General > About. There you should find the carrier and enter your carrier version number in CarrierEditor.
  4. Choose your device and carrier from the drop down menu and proceed to next step i.e: Cutomization.
  5. On the customization screen, you’ll have the ability to add a custom logo for your iPhone carrier replacement. The application includes a numerous custom logos that can be found in the “Zeppelin Logos” folder.
    Drag your desired image files (one for the black status bar, and one for the lighter version) into the appropriate boxes within CarrierEditor. Now click on “Compile Carrier Update (.ipcc)”. This will create two .ipcc files on your desktop. One of them will be the custom logo and the other one will be the original carrier logo.
  6. Open iTunes and connect your iOS device with USB cable. Click on your device within iTunes. While holding down the “alt / option” key, click on “Restore iPhone” button, browse and select .ipcc file from desktop (do not select the original carrier logo file).
  7. Note: This process does NOT restore your iPhone/iPad. It simply updates carrier settings to add a custom logo to it.
  8. When iTunes is done with carrier update,reboot your device. Within a couple of minutes, your custom logo should appear at the top left corner of your iDevice’s screen.

Note: If you wan to get back to the original logo, simply load the original .ipcc file onto your iPhone the same way mentioned above.

via [ModMyi]

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