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Get An iPad Supreme Gold Edition For £129,995

Stuart Hughes, a UK based company specialized in luxury gadgets has come up with a iPad Supreme Gold Edition made of solid Gold and Diamonds This top iPad model encrusted with 53 flawless diamonds on the Apple logo,  rear and surround case made of solid 22ct gold, weighing an immense 2,100 grams has a price […]

Walmart to Sell iPad Later This Year

Bloomberg reports that Walmart may start selling iPad later this year as part of newly-expanded electronics sales. Thinking of the World’s largest retailer spotlighting the iPad could boost sales of the tablet device but Apple is already having hard time to meet the demand.

SwirlyMMS enables MMS on iPad 3G [Video]

SwirlySpace has managed to enable MMS on iPad 3G with their modified SwirlyMMS app for jailbroken iPhone. The video posted below demonstrates that iPad 3G can natively send and receive MMS & SMS.

Apple to Fix iPad WiFi Issues With Firmware Update

In an updated iPad WiFi support document Apple reveals that the iPad WiFi connectivity issues will be addressed with a future iPad firmware update. A small number of iPad users are facing iPad WiFi connectivity issues like weak signals, forgotten passwords, and more technical networking issues. In this updated iPad support document, Apple outlines a […]

Printing Will Come to the iPad, Says Steve Jobs

In respond to an email, Steve Jobs has confirmed that Printing is indeed coming to the iPad. This is what the sender of the email asked Steve Jobs: Why no printing on the iPad? What gives and this is what he got in response:

iPad International Release Date and Prices

Apple has announce the international release date and prices for the iPad. Apple iPad will be hitting shelves of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK on May 28th and iPad pre-orders in these countries will begin on May 10th via Apple’s online store. iPad International Prices and Official Press release […]

$499 Worth iPad Costs Around $260

The guys at ifixit tear down the iPad to know what’s featured in it at hardware level and wrote on how to repair an iPad. But the guys at iSuppli tear down the iPad to know how much does it cost Apple to manufacture one entry level iPad.

Apple Splits App Store into Two Versions

Apple has introduced two flares for its iTunes App Store, one for iPhone and the other for iPad. When you go to the App store from the iTunes Store, there you’ll see two buttons at the top of the home page of the app store. By clicking on those two buttons, user can switch between […]

Apple Sells 300,000 iPads on Launch Day [Official]

In a press release Apple announces that they sold over 300,000 iPad units in the U.S on the launch day. This first day sales include purchases at the Apple retail stores, Best Buy outlets and also the pre-orders shipped directly to customers.

Apple iPad is Here

Finally, the iPad is Here! Apple stores has open the doors to the customers who either pre-ordered or got in line will get their hands on the magical and revolutionary iPad. The month was almost all about iPad here at iPhoneHeat. You can check our complete iPad coverage. Despite the fact that all iPhone and […]

iPad Internal Hardware Revealed

U.S. FCC has posted iPad internal hardware photos to their website and has shown the first glimpse into the iPad. These are the photos of iPad internals that Apple submitted along with application on March 12 for approval were not made publicly available due to a confidentiality request from Apple.

iPad Apps Now Available in the iTunes App Store

iPad is hitting shelves tomorrow but iPad apps are already live in the iTunes App Store. As told on the iPad announcement day that all iPhone apps will be supported with iPad OTB but the apps for iPad are developed and optimized specifically for iPad and offers bigger resolution and works perfectly on iPad.

iPad OS 3.2 GM is Available Now!

Apple is now seeding the iPad OS 3.2 Gold Master (GM) build 7B367 along with the new iPhone OS 3.2 SDK to developers. iPad OS 3.2 GM represents the shipping OS. Though the iPad is not yet out, the iPad firmware 3.2 download link is already live. If you’re interested, iPad 3.2 firmware download link […]