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iPad Internal Hardware Revealed

U.S. FCC has posted iPad internal hardware photos to their website and has shown the first glimpse into the iPad.

These are the photos of iPad internals that Apple submitted along with application on March 12 for approval were not made publicly available due to a confidentiality request from Apple.

The confidential information has been covered in the images but it is still interesting to see the internal components such as the large, thin battery that is nearly as wide as the device itself.

MacRumors reports that “A closer look at the FCC images reveal that the obscured chip parts were actually blacked out with a layer embedded in the PDF. A quick manipulation reveals the actual underlying chips that had been covered for “confidentiality”.”

“Unsurprisingly, the main processor is an Apple A4, but the new images reveal that Apple is using Toshiba Flash memory and a Broadcom BCM5973 chip. iFixit is doing a full analysis of the newly revealed images.”

The device has an FCC ID of “BCG-E2381A.” Checkout the iPad internal hardware photos:

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