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Instapaper Pro for iPad [Preview]

Developer Marco Arment yesterday announced that the popular Instapaper service will be coming to the iPad, hopefully in time for the device’s launch on April 3rd. Now the developer has published a preview of what Instapaper will look like on iPad.

$20 Off on iPad for Educators

Apple is now offering iPad 10-pack to the educational institutes at a minor discount. Each pack contains 10 iPad with USB-to-Dock Connector cables and power adapters along with a single set of documentation. There are no separate retail boxes for each device.

Apple Now Accepting iPad Apps Submissions!

Apple has invited all iPhone/iPad developers to submit their apps developed for iPad to the App Store for inclusion in the Grand launching of the iPad store on April 3rd with the iPad release. Of course Apple wants a handful of quality apps for iPad on its launching day.

50,000 iPad Orders Placed in First Two Hours?

Now that Apple has started accepting iPad Pre-orders a few hours ago, analysts are watching closely for any sign of iPad Sales graph. Engadget came to a report which suggests that Apple is receiving iPad orders at a rate of somewhere near 20,000 orders per hour. The source estimated this sales figure by placing two […]

Pre-order Your iPad Now!

Finally, the iPad pre-orders are live. Yes! it’s the day to pre-order an iPad but you won’t be taking home an iPad today. Apple has started accepting iPad Pre-orders in the U.S. Apple Store. U.S. customers can pre-order any of Apple’s six iPad models (3 Wi-Fi and 3 Wi-Fi + 3G) beginning today. WiFi only […]

iPad Preorders Begin March 12th, 5:30am PST

Apple will start iPad preorders from Friday, March 12th, at 5:30am PST (8:30am EST). TUAW received this iPad Preorders info from an Apple rep: Customers can pre-order online at apple.com at 5:30am Pacific time on Friday, March 12.

New iPad SDK Removes Video Chat References

With the release of the new iPad SDK 3.2 Beta 4, many developer has started digging into it to find out what’s new in it. 9to5mac reports that the video chat references found in the previous SDK release are no more there in the latest iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 4. With the references found in […]

Apple Pushes iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 4 for iPad

Apple has released the 4th beta of iPhone SDK 3.2 for iPad. iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 4 comes with updated tools for developing iPad apps. Apple is continuing the biweekly revisions since the last SDK update was released 2 weeks ago.

iPad Offers 10 Hours Battery Life, Steve Jobs Confirms

Steve Jobs has been busy answering emails. Earlier he confirmed that iPad won’t tether with iPhone in a response to a Swedish Apple fan. This time Steve responded to a GCN’s John Breeden disbelief that the iPad’s IPS display could support 10 hours of battery life in such a small form factor.

iPad Won’t Tether to the iPhone

iPad cannot tether to the iPhone says Steve Jobs in a response to an email received from an Apple fan from Sweden asking if iPad will be able to tether with the iPhone. Below is the full email sent to the Steve jobs asking about iPad tethering with iPhone..