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iOS 9 hack brings 3D Touch responses to iPad Pro via Apple Pencil

Apple launched its 12.9-inch iPad Pro earlier this month but, unfortunately, Apple’s latest pressure sensitive touch screen technology dubbed as 3D Touch, could not make its way into Apple’s latest and largest iPad model. However, that’s changed now, thanks to some tinkering, though.

SwirlyMMS enables MMS on iPad 3G [Video]

SwirlySpace has managed to enable MMS on iPad 3G with their modified SwirlyMMS app for jailbroken iPhone. The video posted below demonstrates that iPad 3G can natively send and receive MMS & SMS.

How to Connect a USB Flash Drive to iPad

After successfully mounting external hard drive on iPad via Camera connection kit, here comes another hack to connect a USB flash drive to iPad. Yes, you can connect a USB flash drive to your iPad via camera connection kit and browse its contents using iFile.

How to Mount External Hard Drive on Jailbroken iPad

iPad has the ability to connect external hard drive with it via Camera Connection Kit for extra storage. Maxwell C. Shay demonstrates this in a video and mount an external hard drive on iPad using the Camera Connection Kit.

How to SSH into iPad using WinSCP & CyberDuck (Windows, Mac)

In this iPad guide, you will learn how to SSH into iPad 3G, WiFi. In order SSH into iPad we are going to use WinSCP for Windows and CyberDuck for Mac. Once you SSH into iPad, you’ll be able to explore your iPad contents just like any other hard disk drive.

How to Tether iPhone to Your iPad

Apple has come up with two iPad models, iPad WiFi only and iPad WiFi + 3G model. What if someone with iPad WiFi model wants to use his iPhone internet connection (3G, Edge, etc) on his iPad with tethering? Is it possible to tether iPhone with iPad to use iPhone’s 3G network on iPad? Responding […]

Windows 95 Runs on iPad?

KamaGames has published a video on YouTube demonstrating Windows 95 running on an iPad. According to the publisher, the iPad is running Windows 95 on BOCHS emulator modded by their developers. We can’t authenticate this video. Have a look at Windows 95 running on iPad yourself…

How to Grab SHSH Blobs for iPad 3.2 with AutoSHSH

After the release of the iPad, more and more iPad jailbreak demonstrations are surfacing the scene. The latest one is by GeoHot who jailbreak iPad with Blackra1n and posted screenshot of Cydia and BlackRa1n icons resting on iPad home screen. which means he has updated BlackRa1n to jailbreak iPad 3.2. Before this, Musclenerd demonstrated iPad […]

iH8Sn0w Releases AutoSHSH to Grab SHSH blobs for 3.1.3 and iPad 3.2

iH8Sn0w, the man behind Sn0wBreeze jailbreak, f0rcast tool to know your device, and iREB has come up with another handy utility named AutoSHSH. During the last week we wrote a guide on how to save SHSH on file for iPhone 3.1.3 that process involved many steps to get your hand onto your 3.1.3 SHSH. AutoSHSH […]