Grab SHSH Blobs for iPad 3.2 with AutoSHSH

How to Grab SHSH Blobs for iPad 3.2 with AutoSHSH

After the release of the iPad, more and more iPad jailbreak demonstrations are surfacing the scene. The latest one is by GeoHot who jailbreak iPad with Blackra1n and posted screenshot of Cydia and BlackRa1n icons resting on iPad home screen. which means he has updated BlackRa1n to jailbreak iPad 3.2.

Before this, Musclenerd demonstrated iPad jailbreak with Spirit. Comex is the guy behind Spirit, an untethered userland jailbreak. Then cdevwill come up with Cydia running on iPad.

autoshshLooking at the pace at which iPad jailbreak is being developed, a tool to jailbreak iPad 3.2 may surface the scene any time now. So, it’s best time to save your SHSH for iPad 3.2 to secure your future jailbreak. We will use AutoSHSH to grab SHSH blobs for iPad 3.2.

Why to Grab SHSH?

For those who don’t know, Apple has introduced a new security for all its new devices named ECID “Exclusive Chip ID”. What this security does is it do not let you downgrade your iPad firmware to an older firmware once a new iPad firmware is out and remember jailbreaking new firmware takes time, you may stuck for a long time with new firmware. However you can downgrade iPad firmware and jailbreak it only if you’ve ECID SHSH saved for the older firmware. The current iPad firmware is 3.2. So, we strongly recommend you to save SHSH for iPad 3.2.

Follow the step by step instructions below to grab your iPad 3.2 SHSH blobs using AutoSHSH.

How to Grab SHSH Blobs for iPad 3.2 with AutoSHSH


Download AutoSHSH

Update: AutoSHSH RC2 is out now.


Put your iPad into Recovery Mode:

  • Open iTunes and connect the iPad via USB.
  • Press and hold the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time. (you device will turn OFF and then ON)
  • Continue holding the both buttons until your iTunes pops up a message telling you that it has detected an iPad in recovery mode.

autoshsh ipad 3.2 shsh


Run the downloaded AutoSHSH. Following popup will appear:

autoshsh ipad 3.2 shsh

Hit the OK button.. Then a message will popup asking if you’ve Java Runtime already installed on your PC.. If you’ve Java Runtime installed in your PC, Hit the Yes button. Otherwise hit the No button and it will take you to the Java Runtime Download link. Install Java, come back, hit the Yes button.

autoshsh ipad 3.2 shsh

On the next window, hit the big Grab my SHSH Blobs Automatically button.

autoshsh ipad 3.2 shsh

It will ask you to locate a folder where you want to save iPad SHSH blobs. Choose a folder, name your SHSH file and save it.

Make sure you’ve the iPad SHSH files are there where you saved them.

autoshsh ipad 3.2 shsh

That’s it..You’ve secured your iPad for future jailbreak. Keep that SHSH file at a safe place because you’ll need it whenever you need to downgrade iPad firmware to 3.2.

Thanks Brandon for the Screenies 🙂

If you’re an iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, 2G (MC) user, you can follow the save guide above or the one linked below:

How to: save iPhone SHSH blobs

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