Run iPhone Apps in iPad Compatible Mode

How to Run iPhone Apps in iPad Compatible Mode

In this iPad Guide you’ll learn how to run iPhone apps in iPad Compatible Mode. This hack will let you run iPhone apps on iPad without pixelating or size doubling.

make iphone apps ipad compatibleThere are two ways to make iPhone apps compatible with iPad (no pixelation). One is by installing a little utility named ‘FullForce‘ from Cydia and that’s it. Second one is manual method. We are going to share both.

NOTE: Some apps work perfectly using this method but not every app format properly. Your iPad must be jailbroken. You can jailbreak iPad 3.2 with Spirit.

Run iPhone Apps in iPad Compatible Mode

First Method – Install FullForce from Cydia

Step 1

Open the Cydia from your iPad home screen.
Go to Search tab and search for FullForce.
Install it.

Step 2

Now close the Cydia and go to: Settings App
Then go to FullForce listed under extensions.
and use the switches to set compatibility mode for whichever apps you want.

Enjoy the iPhone app in iPad resolution without Pixelation 🙂

Second Method – Manually

Step 1

First of all you need to SSH into iPad. (If you don’t know how to then click here)

Step 2

Now navigate to /var/mobile/Applications
and Go to the application of your choice.

Step 3

Open the info.plist to Edit.
and add the following lines right below <dict>


Step 4

Now simply reboot or respring your iPad and enjoy your app in full iPad resolution without pixelation.

[Manual steps via StealthBravo]

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