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Leaked iPhone 6s motherboard shows Improved NFC, 16GB base model and more

A closer analysis of the leaked images of alleged ‘iPhone 6s‘ motherboard reveals that motherboard of the iPhone 6s will be slightly smaller than the current generation iPhones and it will have lesser chips embedded on it. The photos were posted by the folks over at 9to5mac who teamed up with Chipworks to identify the other chips and components in the leaked images.

The leaked images reveal that iPhone 6s motherboard will be slightly reduced in size and will have greatly reduced number of chips embedded on it. One section of the board, for example, “previously had in excess of 10 components has been pared down to 3 main chips, simultaneously cutting the number of parts and increasing the power efficiency of the ones that remain.”

iphone 6s motherboard

The Cirrus Logic audio chip, power amplifiers from RFMD and other companies, and Cirrus Logic audio chip of the current iPhone model will also make their way on to iPhone 6s motherboard.

Other than smaller sized motherboard with reduced number of chips on to, the leaked images also reveal that iPhone 6s will come with a new and improved NFC chip. The current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models use NXP 65V10 NFC processor for mobile payments, however, the next generation model will be using NXP’s 66VP2 chip. Both chips are manufactured by NXP, the same company responsible for supplying ‘M7’ and ‘M8’ branded motion coprocessors.

It’s unclear what advantages this new chip has over its predecessor, however, Chipworks speculates the integration of a Secure Element inside new chip to store encrypted payment tokens used for Apple Pay. iPhone 6 has the Secure Element inside its ‘A8’ coprocessor that keeps both a user’s fingerprint profile and mobile payment tokens.

In addition to the above, the image on leaked logic board strongly suggests that upcoming iPhone models will incorporate memory chips made by Toshiba manufactured on a 19-nanometer production process. On a disappointing note, the leaked motherboard also suggests that Apple is not planning on getting rid of 16GB storage option any time soon. However, if this leaked motherboard belongs to a prototype or preproduction iPhone 6s model, there’s a slight possibility that Apple may opt for 32Gb as base option. Apple has been heavily criticised for not offering 32GB as base model.

iphone 6s storage

Though the iPhone 6s will reportedly be slightly thicker, wider and taller by 0.13mm, 0.16mm and 0.13mm respectively, than the iPhone 6, it still will retain compatibility with all the existing accessories of iPhone 6 available in the market. The differences are said to be so small that Apple might not even highlight them during the launch of iPhone 6s later this year.

This week has been all about iPhone 6s related leaks and reports. Earlier this week, photos of alleged back-casing of iPhone 6s had been all over the cloud, then another report detailed about iPhone 6s featuring faster LTE modem, and another report suggested 12MP camera and 5MP FaceTime camera in upcoming iPhone 6s.


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