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‘iPhone 6S’ leaked images show a familiar look, but many changes inside

Today has been an interesting day with the launch of iOS 8.4, followed by PP Jailbreak and then TaiG jailbreak updated for iOS 8.4, a new story sheds light on upcoming “iPhone 6s” with leaked photos of its purported read shell.

iphone 6 rear shell 1 In a new report, 9to5mac shares images on purported rear shell of “iPhone 6s,” which clearly show that the next-generation iPhone, often referred to as the “iPhone 6s”, will have almost identical external look as the current iPhone 6 model. The report claims that the rear shell is identical to the iPhone 6 on the outside, even the thickness and width are the same, with only minor differences on the inside.

9to5 mac says that they obtained these images for a “proven source familiar with Apple’s supply chain.” The leaked images of alleged iPhone 6s reveal that speakers, headphone jack, lightning connection, volume rocker, sleep/wake button, mute button, antenna bands, and the cutout for back camera and LED flash are all identical to the current generation iPhone models.

iphone 6 rear shell 2

There is no this surprising in this leak, because “S” model of iPhones have all historically identical to their previous model on the exterior, but featured better internal hardware. While the alleged iPhone 6s seems to have identical looks of an iPhone 6, there’s a notable difference in the internal mounting structure that points towards a new logic board and other components.

This report contradicts with one of the recent iPhone 6s related report which suggested upcoming iPhone models to be slightly thicker than the iPhone 6 due to introduction of a Force Touch equipped display and supporting internals.

iphone 6 rear shell 3

The next-generation iPhone is rumored to come equipped with Force Touch display, 7000 Series aluminum case, improved 12-megapixel camera, among other features.

[source: 9to5mac]

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