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Save iPhone 4 SHSH Blobs for iOS 4 with TinyUmbrella 4.00.49

TinyUmbrella goes 4.00.49 and can now save SHSH blobs for iPhone 4 running iOS 4.0. Saving iPhone 4 SHSH blobs for iOS 4.0 is important because when an new iOS firmware for iPhone 4 is out, you won’t be able to downgrade to 4.0 unless you have SHSH blobs for iOS 4.

Once you’ve saved SHSH blobs for iPhone 4 firmware 4.0, you’ll be able to downgrade from any newer firmware to 4.0 whenever you like.

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You can also save shsh blobs via Cydia by hitting the Make My Life Easier. But for that your device must be jailbroken and there’s no tool to jailbreak iPhone 4 available yet. In such situations the TinyUmbrella is most useful.


  • Apple stops signing firmware SHSH once a new firmware is out. Once Apple has stopped signing firmware SHSH requests for a firmware version there is no way to get your SHSH for that particular version.
  • Device does NOT need to be Jailbroken in order to save SHSH blobs with TinyUmbrella.
  • Your iPhone 4 MUST be connected to the computer to save shsh blobs. For other devices, you can also save SHSH blobs without connecting the device simply by providing ECID.
  • If you desire to restore your iPhone 4 to iOS 4, make sure you uninstall Wi-Fi Sync before trying to do so. I’ve apparently had the same issue a few other folks had.
  • So far restores on the iPhone4 are not perfect. They error out locally but the restore does complete – it just needs to be helped along. (Much like downgrades where the baseband update fails). I’ll try to put the functionality in TinyUmbrella to fix this.
  • Your files are saved in:
    • MAC
      ex: /Users/semaphore/.shsh
      <Main Drive>:\Documents and Settings\\.shsh
      ex: C:\Documents and Settings\semaphore\.shsh
    • WINDOWS 7
      <Main Drive>:\Users\\.shsh
      ex: C:\Users\semaphore\.shsh

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Save iPhone 4 SHSH Blobs for iOS 4

We have already posted a detailed TinyUmbrella guide to save SHSH blobs for iOS 4 firmware. You can save iPhone 4 SHSH blobs for iOS 4 using the guide linked below, just keep in mind the important points mentioned above.

Note: with the guide linked below you can also save ECID SHSH blobs for iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G and iPod Touch 2G (MC).

How to: Save SHSH blobs with TinyUmbrella

Download TinyUmbrella 4.00.49

You can download TinyUmbrella 4.00.49 from here.

Update 1: Unlock iPhone 4 in works.

Update 2: GeoHot Jailbreak iPhone 4.

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