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New iPhone Rumors | All-in-One Picture

As we are approaching closer and closer to the WWDC date, The new iPhone Rumors factory is just going crazy. We have posted almost every rumor to date for the next generation iPhone. The Green Room Guys put together a nice graphical representation of all the new iPhone related rumors floating all around. Have a […]

The Recent ‘iPhone Video’ Spy Shots Confirmed as Fake

The most recent Screenshots showing video chat on the upcoming ‘iPhone Video’ has been confirmed as Fake. Have a look at this side by side image of a Skype Screenshot and that of Spy Shots. Gizmodo posted this comparison which shows that the Spy Shots and not that of new iPhone but faked by capturing […]

New iPhone Spy Shots Show iPhone Video Chat?

Here comes some more pictures claiming to be that of New iPhone named ‘iPhone Video‘ so far. The picture shows a front facing Camera and user busy in Video Chat. Have a look at these 3 Pictures:

‘iPhone Video’ to be Available on Monday (June 8) in Apple Stores?

According to GearLive report, Apple may launch the new iPhone (‘iPhone Video’ named in many rumors) on Monday, June 8th, and make limited quantities available at Apple Stores. Yes, you will be able to pick up the next version of the iPhone on Monday, if you get to an Apple Store before they sell out. […]

Upcoming iPhone to be Called the ‘iPhone Video’?

In an anonymous tip, the sender told TUAW that the new iPhone will be called the ‘iPhone Video‘. The tipster said that iPhone Video will be shown as a model selection on AT&T’s website when looking for Apple devices support. For now there are only 2 option available under the drop down menu: Original iPhone […]