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What if iPhone had… Dashboard Widgets

Yet another concept for iPhone from the house of Ocean Observations: Dashboard Widgets. This time they made a conceptual video showing how widgets could work on the iPhone. (Watch the video at the bottom.) Press release: In this concept Ocean Observations look at how widgets could make its way to the iPhone. Today, you bounce […]

New iPhone Concept by Isamu Sanada

Isamu Sanada has come up with an iMac-inspired fourth-gen iPhone design concept. The edge-to-edge glass and contrasting brushed aluminum are the stand-out elements here, and certainly leave the concept iPhone looking distinctive and, dare we say it, more eye-catching than the current 3GS. However we’re also left with the sneaking suspicion that the design – […]

iPhone Concept – Cover Flow for Multi-Tasking

Swedish design firm Ocean Observations created a video that shows a new iPhone concept which uses cover flow for multi-tasking on the iPhone. Te concept suggests that dock is replaced by cover flow panel at the bottom of iPhone screen which is then used to flip between running applications. Taping the app will bring it […]

Springboard Expose: A SpringBoard Concept for iPhone

Ocean Observations, a Swedish design firm, has created a video to show how expose might function on the iPhone. In this video iPhone home button works similar to F3 on Mac OS X. Pressing the home button shows thumbnails of Springboard pages, so that you may jump to any desired page quickly. Not sure how […]