iPad 3 Wallpapers

IPad 3 Wallpapers Are Added Regularly!

Note: All these wallpapers has 2048×2048 resolution which fits best on the New iPad 3 only. iPad 3 has a Retina Display so only HD wallpaper with 2048×2048 resolution will fit on its screen.
***IE8 users should view this gallery in compatibility mode.***

How To Download IPad 3 Wallpapers

Here’s how you can download a wallpaper for iPad 3 from our gallery:

  • From Computer: Click on the wallpaper thumbnail, Wallpaper will enlarge, right click on the wallpaper and click Save as.
  • From New iPad 3: Tap on your desired wallpaper thumbnail to enlarge, hold down finger on the wallpaper and click Save Image.

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