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Apple Watch: Will it Blend? [Video]

The popular “Will it Blend” video series is back with their latest edition of experiment in which they are putting Apple’s latest wearable device, the Apple Watch, into their blender. Blendtec and Tom Dickson have returned with their “Will it Blend” Apple Watch Edition experiment to check how well it survives in a blender.

iPad 2: Will it Blend? [Video]

The folks over at Blendtec, famous for their “will it blend?” video series are back with a brand new iPad 2. So will it blend? Hit the jump to watch the video. (This one is hard to watch, especially when you’re still waiting for an iPad 2)

iPhone 4: Will it Blend? (Video)

The guy well know for the “Will it Blend?” videos has done it again. This time it’s the iPhone 4. Will the iPhone 4 blend? Of course it does just like the other devices. Video after the jump…