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ios phishing attack

iOS Phishing Attack can Request Username/Password with official Popup

Any iPhone or iPad owner who has been using Apple devices for quite some time now, probably have seen a popup notification typically presented by Apple asking for username and password. The iOS users are so accustomed to such popups that a developer has come up with a phishing attack that might not be too […]

iOS 6.1 Lock Screen Bug Bypasses the Passcode on your iPhone

The iOS lock screen bug is back again, letting users to access important user data from a passcode enabled iPhone running iOS 6.1 firmware. This new lockscreen bug has been dicovered by a YouTube user which involves a set of steps to get access to Contacts, Photos, email, iMessage and more.

Worm Attack on Jailbroken iPhones

A week earlier it was a Dutch Hacker who broke into jailbroken iPhones and this time it’s Australian. Australian iPhone users are being infected with a worm which changes their wallpaper to an image of 1980s pop singer Rick Astley with some text: ‘ikee is never going to give you up‘. The worm is created […]

How to Password Protect / Lock Applications on iPhone with LockDown

As an iPhone owner, many of my fiends love to have a quick look at this Apple’s sweet device. There’s no problem with that But my concern is that I can’t lend my iPhone without potentially giving them access to lots of personal data. (Email App, Messages, Contacts, Call history, browser history,  etc.)