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Microsoft PowerPoint and OneDrive apps come to Apple Watch

Microsoft OneDrive and PowerPoint users will be pleased to known that the two applications will be available on Apple Watch as soon as it start reaching customers later this week. Initially, the functionalities of both apps will be limited, but expect new features to be introduced over time.

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Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad Hit App Store

After several years of rumors, Microsoft has finally released Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad into the app store. During a media event in San Francisco, Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella announced Office for iPad, which is now available for download in the app store for free. Microsoft Office suite of app consists of Word, […]

office for ios

Microsoft Office for iPad Launching March 27 [Report]

Last week, Reuters reported about a full version of Microsoft Office for iPhone and iPad ready to release, but they were not sure when the company will pull the trigger. Well, ZDnet and TheVerge seems to have found the answer: March 27th.

office for ios

Microsoft Office for iPad, iPhone apparently ready for release

Microsoft Office for iPad and iPhone is apparently ready for release, reports Reuter. In a story ran under the heading “Microsoft poised to fight back as iPad generation shuns Office”, Reuter reports that Microsoft has fully functional versions of Office for iPad and iPhone waiting for the company’s CEO Microsoft has full versions of Office […]

office for ios

Microsoft Office 365 for iPhone Hits App Store

Microsoft, after years of waiting, has finally released their Office suite for iPhone but it’s not what you’ve been looking for. Microsoft Office mobile app available is the app store requires Office 365 subscription…

Office for iPad Spotted, Soon to Hit the App Store

Microsoft Office for iPad will hit the App Store within weeks, according to a new report in The Daily. A photo, published by The Daily, shows Microsoft Office running on an iPad and reveals that it will be available in the App Store soon.

Microsoft Office for iPad in The Works [Rumor]

According to The Daily, Microsoft is reportedly working on a version of its popular Office suite for the iPad. The Daily’s sources claim that the apps would likely work with Microsoft’s new online service, Office 365.