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Microsoft PowerPoint and OneDrive apps come to Apple Watch

Microsoft OneDrive and PowerPoint users will be pleased to known that the two applications will be available on Apple Watch as soon as it start reaching customers later this week. Initially, the functionalities of both apps will be limited, but expect new features to be introduced over time.

PowerPoint and OneDrive support for Apple Watch might have come as a surprise for you, given that it’s a competitor to Microsoft’s own Band fitness tracker. But Microsoft has lately shown that it does not mind releasing its product & services to the rival platforms and devices.

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PowerPoint for Apple Watch

Microsoft PowerPoint for Apple Watch lets you control your PowerPoint presentations right from your wrist using Apple’s first wearable device. Remote control apps that allow you to control other devices from a distance are the most useful ones for the Apple Watch, which is why the availability of PowerPoint for Apple Watch is a good news for PowerPoint users with ISO devices.

Alongside the ability to navigate between the slides, the PowerPoint app for Apple Watch also displays the elapsed time for the presentation, the number of slides the presentation comprises of. For PowerPoint to work as a remote control for your presentations, those presentations must also be available on your iPhone. Which means it doesn’t yet work alongside a Mac, PC or an iPad.

Apple may add additional features over time, but for now you’ll have to connect your iPhone to an Apple TV or a projector and then control the presentations on your iPhone right from your wrist.

OneDrive for Apple Watch

Initially, OneDrive functionality will be limited to simply display photos on your Apple Watch. The Watch owners will be able to view albums, delete photos, and search photos using tags right from their wrist.

Despite offering limited features, it’s good to see Microsoft releasing its applications for the Apple Watch this early. And looking at the features of OneDrive app for Android Wear, the Apple Watch app will become more useful in the coming months.

Download Links

You can download both the PowerPoint and OneDrive apps for Apple Watch from the download links below.

[PowerPoint] [OneDrive]

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