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New iPhone Concept by Isamu Sanada

Isamu Sanada has come up with an iMac-inspired fourth-gen iPhone design concept. The edge-to-edge glass and contrasting brushed aluminum are the stand-out elements here, and certainly leave the concept iPhone looking distinctive and, dare we say it, more eye-catching than the current 3GS. However we’re also left with the sneaking suspicion that the design – […]

iPhone 3G S TV Ad

Apple has posted a TV Ad for its new iPhone 3G S featuring the video recording ability of iPhone 3GS. Watch the iPhone 3G S Ad:

iPhone 3G S | A Guided Tour to iPhone 3GS

After the announcement of iPhone 3G S at WWDC Keynote, Apple was quick enough to post an iPhone 3GS guided Tour on their official website. Check it out and see the exclusive features in iPhone 3G S and the highlights..

iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S Comparison

As we all know that Apple has announced the new iPhone 3GS. So, here’s a comparison between the iPhone 3GS  and iPhone 3G for you guys. This iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S comparison may let you decide whether to upgrade to the new iPhone 3G S or not. So have a look and decide […]

Carphone Warehouse System shows Placeholders for 16GB and 32GB iPhones

According to an AppleInsider report, Carphone Warehouse added 4 placeholders for the new iPhone models to their inventory today. It’s a big one after the two hints that we came to when AT&T leaked out iPhone 32GB and T-Mobile Austria accidentally advertised  the 32 GB iPhone. A person known to have access to such information […]

Walt Mossberg says New iPhone at WWDC?

As we all know that iPhone rumors plant is working at its optimum level. It’s worthwhile having a look at this rumor that comes with a Palm Pre review by one of the most influential journalist and Wall Street Columnist, Walt Mossberg, who left some interesting comments about the new iPhone:

Leaked Photos | Next iPhone in Action?

Photos of a next generation iPhone prototype have surfaced online at Chinese language blog UMPCFever. The external design is not featured however the report indicts that the new device does have an autofocus camera. It uses an onscreen square that can be moved around the screen by tapping. This selects which object or person will […]

New iPhone Parts Being Sold in Hong Kong?

China Ontrade, a Hong Kong based parts vendor, is advertising Bezel and LCD parts of the New iPhone. Parts will be delivered within 5 to 12 working days, the vendor says. ChinaOntrade claims to be the first to supply next generation iPhone parts direct from the factory. iLounge describes the leaked parts as:

Another iPhone 32GB Leak? This Time it’s from AT&T

At&T may have mistakenly confirmed the next-Gen iPhone 32GB, PhoneArena reports. They received a tip from an unknown person directing them to Blackberry trade up site of AT&T where customers can trade in their specific cell phone for a Blackberry.

Asahi Kasei to Supply Magnetometer for Next-Gen iPhone?

Japanese manufacturer Asahi Kasei will be supplying Digital compass magnetometer for the new iPhone, claims Apple Insider. This claim is based on header files found in the latest and greatest iPhone OS 3.0 beta 5. People familiar with betas of the iPhone 3.0 software developers kit recently dug up several header files attributed to the […]

New iPhone Specs Leaked? Release Date: June 17th?

Here comes another new iPhone Rumor. This time it’s from Apple iPhone Apps. They claim that they have info on the next generation iPhone specs and Price. They also deemed their source reputable. Ofcorse we can’t guarantee the accuracy of this Rumor since Apple will neither deny nor confirm any future product release. New iPhone […]

Better Pictures with iPhone OS 3.0?

While digging into iPhone OS 3.0, a Russian iPhone site has found that you may get better pictures with iPhone OS 3.0 They have posted a comparison of pictures taken with both iPhone OS 3.0 and firmware 2.2.1, side by side. A cat Picture, as shown below, is blurred by firmware 2.2.1 (right) while you […]