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Apple ad: ‘Designed by Apple in California’

Apple has posted their promotional “Designed by Apple in California” video on their website. During WWDC 2013 keynote on several occasions, Apple executives made note of both the fact that the new Mac Pro is being built in the United State and that the all new iOS 7 and other stock apps are being conceived, […]

New Galaxy S4 Ad Pokes Fun at iPhone 5

Samsung has aired a new Samsung Galaxy S4 commercial, and without surprise, the ad pokes fun at Apple iPhone. The commercial portrays the six years old smartphone as an outdated device even by your parents’ standard

Verizon Airs iPad 2 Commercial – Emphasizes 3G Connectivity [Video]

Verizon has aired its own iPad 2 commercial, emphasizing the Verizon’s 3G connectivity. The commercial shows the use of the iPad 2 in different environments, from downloading a best-seller at the beach to tweeting when you’re camping in a forest, through the power of Verizon’s 3G connectivity you can stay connected almost anywhere… Hit the […]

New iPhone 4 Commercials: “AirPlay” and “FaceTime”

Apple has released two new iPhone 4 commecials named “AirPlay” and “FaceTime”. Continuing their new “if you don’t have an iPhone” campaign, the FaceTime commercial demos iPhone-to-iPhone, iPhone-to-Mac and iPhone-to-iPad video calling.

First Verizon iPhone 4 Commercial “It Begins” [Video]

Verizon has aired its first iPhone 4 commercial “It Begins” which doesn’t even show the device. In case you missed it, Verizon iPhone is very real and is hitting the shelves on February 10, 2011. Watch the Verizon iPhone 4 Commercial after the jump…

New iPhone 4 Ad: “Every”

Apple has posted a new iPhone 4 commercial named “Every”. The ad is primarily focused on the iPhone 4‘s crisp, and sharp Retina display. Watch “Every”, the iPhone 4 commercial, after the jump…

New iPhone 3GS Ad: Concert

Apple has released another new iPhone 3GS ad titled Concert. The Concert iPhone 3GS commercial features Shazam, iTunes and iPod. User used the Shazam app to identify the music and then navigate to the iTunes from withing Shazam app to purchase that album and then she opens the album from the and got a […]

New iPhone 3GS Ad: Commute

Apple has posted a new iPhone 3GS commercial “Commute” to their iPhone ad gallery. This iPhone Ad emphasizes on everyday use of iPhone for the average user. The Ad features 3 iPhone applications – The man uses MassTransit [iTunes link $3.99] app to check the next train time when he misses his train to work. […]