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Apple Airs new iPhone 5C Ad: ‘Plastic Perfected’

Apple has aired a new commercial for its all-new iPhone 5C smartphone. The ad is entitled ‘Plastic Perfected’ and it highlights iPhone 5C’s bright color options and the polycarbonate material used in its outer casing.
Unlike previous Apple commercials, ‘Plastic Perfected’ ad doesn’t feature any dialogue or voice over, all you see is liquid in various colors morphing into the iPhone 5C, with a catchy song playing in the background. The main focus of the Ad is on the materials and the construction of the phone.

iPhone 5C was introduced by Apple at a media event in Cupertino on September 10. iPhone 5C is priced $100-less than the flagship iPhone 5S. It comes with plastic body with multiple color options. It will be available in stores on Friday, September 20.

Until then, what’d you think of the new iPhone 5c ad?

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