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Background Manager Enables True Multitasking on iOS 6

True multitasking experience has never been available on iOS in order to improve battery time of your iPhone/iPad. However, jailbreak community have been enjoying the true multitasking experience, at least on older iOS version, for quite some time now. Unfortunately, backgrounder, the true multitasking Cydia app stopped working since iOS 6. The project has been […]

Backgrounder App Updated to svn.r432-1

Finally, after a long series of beta releases Backgrounder app has been updated to a final version svn.r432-1. Backgrounder let you run applications in background on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.

Multifl0w – iPhone Multitasking Coming Soon

Update: Multiflow is available now in Cydia Store.. — Multifl0w is an upcoming iPhone utility which lets you easily switch between backgrounded applications. Multiflow will add a nice graphical interface to the backgrounder app for iPhone. Multifl0w will hit the Cydia Store in the next few days and it will be a great first substitute […]