Best iPad Pro Cases

Best cases for the iPad Pro

Whenever Apple launches any new product, be it an iPad, iPhone, or an iPod Touch, third-party accessory making industry gets into full swing to make sturdy cases for Apple’s new device, the new iPad Pro launch is no different. The iPad Pro is the largest iPad Apple has ever launched, but that does not mean it is less portable than other devices. iPad Pro owners will still be able to throw it in their bag and take them anywhere with them on the road. Here is a list of best cases for iPad Pro that will help you take good care of your shiny larger iPad.

iPad Pro is not only huge in size, it also take a huge chunk of cash out of your pocket. It’s an investment that anyone would want to protect as best as they can. Here are the best iPad Pro cases that’d do the trick.

Note: More and more 3rd-pary accessory makers are releasing iPad Pro cases as the iPad Pro has recently been launched. We’ll update this list of cases for iPad Pro as a new and potentially better option hits the market.

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Apple Smart Cover & Cases for iPad Pro

Apple ipad pro cover

Apple has launched its own official Smart Cover and Silicone cases to provide cover and protection to the iPad Pro. Apple’s Smart Cover, which is available in white or charcoal gray colors, is made of “durable polyurethane.” While the Smart cover provides protection for the iPad Pro’s display, you can add a silicone case for the back for complete front and back protection of the iPad Pro.

Inateck Felt Sleeve for iPad Pro

inateck-ipad pro case

Inateck sleeves not only provides protection to your iPad Pro in a bag, it also gives your device a bit of style to go with. This sleeves is not only compatible with the iPad Pro, it can also carry a 13-inch Macbook Pro. Inateck sleeve, which is made up of pretty sturdy stuff, is also capable of acting as a laptop stand. The Inateck Felt not only provides a great feel, it is mold and wear resistant. Inside, there are two pockets to either carry an iPad Pro or a Macbook Pro and a smartphone as well, while you can also stash away items like a mouse in the rear. The Felt sleeve keeps your iPad Pro safe and sound when you throw it in your bag, thanks to the velcro closing.

MoKo Apple iPad Pro Case

moko ipad pro case

There are 3rd-party accessory makers known for providing cases and other accessories for any device, MoKo is one such case maker. MoKo did not forget Apple’s larger iPad Pro and offers an iPad Pro case that fit so well with the tablet that all the controls of the tablet can easily be accessed. The MoKo case for iPad Pro provides a variety of angels for working or when you want to watch some videos. It provides a padded front cover to protect the glass while a hard plastic back protects not only the back but also the front and the corners of the device. The case also comes with a handy strap to make it easier to carry the iPad Pro.

Note: As the time of writing this list of iPad Pro cases, the MoKo iPad Pro case is heavily discounted on Amazon and ships on November 27.

$13.95 on Amazon [At the time of this publication]


jammy ipad pro case

This iPad Pro case is made of faux leather and comes with a fully comprehensive screen protector and also has a pouch to carry documents. It offers 3 point incline design to set your iPad in three different standing positions for watching videos, FaceTime video calls, etc. This iPad Pro case is fully compatible with iPad Pro’s Sleep/Wake feature, movie stand for watching videos and magnetic closure. The case comes bundled with a microfiber polishing cloth and JAMMYLIZARD screen protector.

$22.95 on Amazon [At the time of this publication]

Verus Layered Dandy Leather Case

Verus case ipad pro

iPad Pro case from Versus not only provides protection for your device, it also add style to it. The case is not all style and looks, it is pretty durable too. It comes with magnetic lock compatibility which put the device to Sleep on closing and wakes it up when the cover is removed. It also has a holster to keep your Apple Pencil so you never misplace or lose it. This iPad Pro case does offer a few different viewing angles for iPad Pro.

$54.99 on Amazon [At the time of this publication]

JETech Soft Clear iPad Pro Case

ipad pro case transparent

JETech has also launched a minimal clear see-through case for the iPad Pro which is basically a soft gel skin frame offering full protection around the device. Perfect cutouts in the case provide easier access to all the controls and features of the device. The case is so slim, form-fitted and lightweight, and so clear that it keeps the original look of the device.

$9.99 on Amazon [At the time of this publication]

Share your favorite iPad Pro cases

We have listed our best iPad Pro cases that allow different types of protection and features to your larger iPad. The pool of iPad Pro cases is so large that it’s easier to miss a good casing accessory for the device. If there is any iPad Pro case that you have tried and loved it, please do share with us in the comments section below.