Best iPhone 6s Battery cases

Best iPhone 6s Battery cases to protect and charge your iPhone 6s

Looking to buy an iPhone 6s battery case? You’ve come to the right place. When the battery life becomes an issue, you just cannot rely on car or wall chargers to go through your whole day or in a journey. While Apple’s latest iPhone 6s packs some great hardware specs, its battery capacity is at par with its predecessor, the iPhone 6, which means you’ll have to charge your iPhone 6s on a daily basis after normal daily life usage. When we see the competing Android smartphones, there are some that can last even two to three days on a single charge.

Despite following tips to increase battery life, iPhone users have always been found complaining about the battery life of their smartphone, and they either have to carry a charger or power bank with them. There is, however, another way to overcome the iPhone 6s battery life troubles; the battery cases for the iPhone 6s.

iPhone has a rich ecosystem of accessory makers that take no time in releasing a compatible accessory for the latest iPhone models, be it a simple case, battery case, protectors, and more. A simple extended battery case for iPhone 6s not only extends the battery time of the iPhone 6s, it also provides protection, and beautifies the device as well.

If you’re not sure of which iPhone 6s battery case is the best one, here we have a few handpicked best iPhone 6s battery cases that may take you through about two days of usage on a single charge. These battery cases for iPhone 6s will ensure that your device stays powered up and ready to go.

Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 6s

mophie iphone 6s battery case

When it comes to battery cases for the iPhones, Mophie is the first name that comes to mind. The Air series of Mophie’s juice pack provides a thin and lightweight casing while adding up to 10 hours of web browsing and video playback on a single charge. It has 2750mAh battery encased inside it, comes with rubber edges to protect from the drops, also supports sync and charge facility which means you do not need to take it off your iPhone 6s to connect it to your computer or wall charger. The case comes in 8 different colors and a headphone adapter comes bundled in the packaging.

Buy for $94.99 on Amazon [at the time of writing this post]

Spigen Volt Pack iPhone 6s Battery Case

spigen iphone 6s battery case

Spigen offers an MFI Apple certified battery case for iPhone 6s which has a 3,100 mAh battery built into its body to provide additional 150% of battery time.  Its polycarbonate shell is strong enough to provide protection against the drops, an LED indicator on the back of the case indicates the battery juice left. The case comes bundled with a micro USB charging cable and an auxiliary extender (3.5mm headphone extension adapter.) This iPhone 6s battery case has two interchangeable frames (black/space crystal.)

Buy for $41.99 on Amazon [at the time of writing this post]

Anker Ultra Slim iPhone 6s Battery Case

anker battery case iphone 6s

Anker has its own Ultra Slim battery case for iPhone 6s which has an amazingly slim polycarbonate shell and provides additional 120% battery juice with its 2,850mAh battery. This battery case is also MFi Apple certified and can be used to sync the iPhone 6s directly through the case without removing it. It provides good grip with its matt back to prevent unwanted drops. LED lights on the back indicated the amount of juice left. This iPhone 6s battery case comes bundled with micro USB cable, 3.5mm headphone extension, and a welcome guide.

Buy for $44.99 on Amazon [at the time of writing this post]

Trianium Battery Case for iPhone 6s

trianium iphone 6s battery case

This iPhone 6s battery case comes in a wide range of bright and attractive color options which makes it stand out among others. It comes packed with a 3.100mAh battery which can effectively provide more than 100% battery juice to the iPhoen 6s. The official numbers state that this iPhone 6s battery case will add up to 14 hours of talk time and around 10 hours of web browsing. It has an integrated battery level integrated LED and feature sync-through technology to sync your iPhone 6s without removing the case.

Buy for $30.99 on Amazon [at the time of writing this post]

i-Blason iPhone 6s Battery Case

iblason case iphone 6s

This sturdy iPhone 6s battery case is MFi-certified, which means that it’s up to the standards that Apple has set for the best third-party cases and accessories. It is a sleek looking and thin case for iPhone 6s which packs a 3,200mAh battery juice inside it, which means that this battery case can extend your iPhone 6s battery time about 3 days with average usage on a single charge.

Buy for $26.99 on Amazon [at the time of writing this post]

Supcase Beetle Power iPhone 6s Batter Case

supcase iphone 6s battery case

This iPhone 6s case comes with a holster and provides a Sporty design. It is MFi certified and packs a 3200mAh battery to make sure that your device stays powered up. The outer casing has two layers that feature interchangeable bumper to swap the colors on the fly. The case comes bundled with a holster for clipping to the belt or pocket.

Buy for $54.99 on Amazon [at the time of writing this post]

Your favorite iPhone 6s Battery case?

In case, we missed any iPhone 6s case that you think is a worthy option, or is your favorite, please do share with us in the comments section below.

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