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iPhone 8 could cost more than $1000, Feature 3D-Sensor Technology

Apple is widely expected to launch three different iPhone models this year dubbed as iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and a brand new iPhone 8 as its 10th-anniversary edition. A new report from Fast Company claims that this special 10-anniversary edition will cost more than $1000.

iphone 8 oled

Citing sources familiar with the matter, the Fast Company says that some of the new features and components such as an OLED display are going to push the manufacturing cost of the device higher than any previous iPhone model.

Just like previous rumors, the report goes on to say that the 10th-anniversary edition’s display will measure 5.8-inches diagonally and will cover most of the front side of the device. The display is also said to have Galaxy s7 Edge like curves towards the sides of the body. Other reported features include the removal of the physical home button and touch-sensitive volume rocker.

Backing some of the previous rumors, the Fast Company claims that other than a 5.8-inch iPhone 8, Apple will also be launching traditional ‘s’ models of the iPhone 7 variant, the iPhone 7s, and the iPhone 7s Plus. But these 7s models won’t be getting an OLED display like the 5.8-inch iPhone 8 model.

Another interesting feature reported for the iPhone 8 is the possibility of 3D-sensing technology that may end up being used for facial recognition for the authentication process and even augmented reality. With an all glass and metal body and beastly hardware specs, the rumored iPhone 8 will surely be an awesome device to look forward to.

While $1000 seems to be an expensive pill to swallow, but to be fair, it does not sound that much of a stretch from the current pricing of the iPhone 7 Plus with 256GB built-in storage that retails for $969. However, it still will be interesting to see how good the iPhone 8 turns out to be and how consumers react to its price tag.

It’s all of this tech that’s expected to push the price tag over $1,000. To be fair, as expensive as it sounds, $1,000 isn’t that much of a stretch from current high-end iPhone pricing—the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus sells for $969—but it’ll be interesting to see if this materializes and how consumers react.

Would you pay $1,000+ for a beautiful looking iPhone 8 packed with beastly specs?

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