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Apple prepping for revamped iPad keyboard, new Apple Watch finishes for September 9

Apple is reportedly prepping for a revamped keyboard accessory for its rumored iPad Pro. It seems like Apple is going to be a hell lot of busy unveiling a list of new devices on he stage. While iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s would be the hottest product of all on that day, but an iPad Pro with 12.9-inch display is also said to be joining the big stage. The reported keyboard accessory is apparently set to launch in November, which is in-line with previous rumors claiming that the iPad Pro will be hitting shelves in November this year.

Apple event
The report comes from the New York Time, which only says that the company is prepping a ‘revamped iPad keyboard.’ Unfortunately, the report has nothing more to say about this keyboard and there are no further details available.

“Apple will also showcase updated iPads, according to a person briefed on the product. And the company is putting the finishing touches on a revamped iPad keyboard that may be available by the end of the year,” reports the New York Times.

Alongside the new iPhones, iPads, and an Apple TV 4, the report also suggests that the fruit company will also unveil new metal finishes for its Apple Watch during the event. The new metal finishes reportedly include a less expensive gold model, likely a stainless steel or Sprot Watch with gold finish. What other new finishes will look like, or how cheap will this less expensive gold Watch will be remains unknown.

We’ll be covering this upcoming Apple event on September 9 in greater details. Apple seems to have a lot to unveil during this event, so be sure to stay tuned.

Which devices are you looking forwards to? iPhone 6s, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro, or an all new Apple TC 4.

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