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“6S Marketing” ad agency Appeals Apple to call upcoming iPhone the ‘iPhone 7’

Apple has sent out for its mega event being held on September 9 and the companies seem all set to unveil two new iPhone models, and the safe bet is that the fruit company will call the devices iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus.

Since iPhone 3GS, Apple introduced the “s” naming scheme for its iPhone devices and has been using this naming convention to date. While anything is possible to happen, all the rumors, leaks, and reports suggest that the next-generation iPhone devices will be an iterative update with exactly same look as the current iPhone model but with better internal specs.

6S Marketing ad

However, this naming convention is not really a good news for an ad agency called 6S Marketing. The Ad agency is currently running a marketing campaign to reveal similar names and even sent out an open letter to Apple in an effort to convince the fruit company to not name its upcoming iPhone models iPhone 6s. Other than this, the marketing agency has also been seen using various billboards, one of which is positioned in the Time Square in the New York city with a message convincing Apple to call its upcoming iPhone the “iPhone 7.” The agency has also started a hashtag: #WeAre6S.

The marketing agency, which is a small entity located in one of its founder’s apartment, says that it has been around since 2002. In the open letter, they say that they named their agency “6S marketing” as the word “6S” sounds similar to “success,” and that they are commonly known as “6S.”

“See, our company name is 6S Marketing, but our clients, friends, and colleagues simply refer to us as good ol’ “6S.” It’s a small name but a big part of our identity — one we’ve been using since 2000 when we started this company in my tiny apartment. At that time, we didn’t think that one of the biggest, and most well-respected, companies would use it to name a mobile device. (We were still using Motorola flip phones at the time, after all.)

The reason we chose the name “6S” is that it sound like “success” (get it?)”

While the ad agency request to change the name of Apple’s upcoming iPhone might be a sincere one, but given that Apple is less than week away from unveiling its new iPhone models and almost all rumors and reports have suggested that the new device will be called iPhone 6s, there’s possibility that this might just be a publicity stunt from the marketing agency to capitalize on the build-up to the Apple event.

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