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iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus – The Differences

Apple announced the much rumored iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus during a media event on September 9th. The most noticeable different between the newly announced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is their size difference. iPhone 6 comes with 4.7-inch display, while the largest one is almost an inch larger with a 5.5-inch display. Before iPhone 6, normally the choice would narrowed down to the capacity and the color of the device, but deciding between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus asks for much more than that…

From the exterior, the two phones looks identical except for the larger size, but that’s not exactly the case. There are many key differences between the two phones features. Let’s checkout the key differences between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Below is our iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus rundown. Also checkout:

iphone 6 and plus

Display – iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 is bigger than the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6 Plus is even larger than the iPhone 6. The Plus is not just the bigger, it comes with higher resolution and more pixel density. iPhone 6 with 4.7-inch display, has 1334 x 750 resolution and 326ppi density, while the Plus comes with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution ad 401 ppi density.

iphone 6 plus size

Size and Weight – iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus

Dimensions wise, iPhone 6 measure at 5.44 x 2.64 x 0.27 inches (138.1 x 67 x 6.9mm) and weighs at around 4.55 ounces (129g). On the other hand, the larger iPhone 6 Plus weight at around 6.07 ounces (172g) with 6.22 x 3.06 x 0.28 inches (158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1mm) measurements.

Despite the fact that iPhone 6 will be easier to use in one hand than the 5.5-inch variant, still these new devices with bigger dimensions will take some getting used to for the long term iPhone users.

iphone 6 plus thin

Camera – iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus

Apple has never joined the megapixels race when it comes to the camera in iPhone and has kept the same 8 megapixel as seen on the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C/5 and iPhone 4s. Both of the new iPhone models come equipped with 8-megapixel lens, however, the iPhone 6 Plus has additional image stabilization. Which is a great feature when you’re in a shaky position to capture a picture or record a video.

Both phones get an upgraded ‘True Tone’ flash for more realistic lighting, faster autofocus, faster face and smile detection, and continuous autofocus in video recording. Both phones are capable of capturing 1080p video at 30fps and 60fps as well as 720p video at 120-240fps in slo-mo.

iphone 6 camera

Battery – iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus

Both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 comes with stronger battery pack when compared to the iPhone 5s. When battery time is to be compared of both phones with the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 6 Plus is the winner as it packs huge battery because of its larger housing. Here’s a chart of comparing battery performance of the three iPhones.

Bettery Life

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6

Talk Time Up to 24 h (3G) Up to 14 h (3G)
Standby Time Up to 384 h Up to 250 h
Internet Use (3G) Up to 12 h Up to 10 h
Internet Use (LTE) Up to 12 h Up to 10 h
Internet Use (Wi-Fi) Up to 12 h Up to 11 h
Video Playback Up to 14 h Up to 11 h
Audio Playback Up to 80 h Up to 50 h

Landscape mode in iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus will make use of its larger real-estate  by offering an iPad-style landscape mode on some apps when the phone is held horizontally. iPhone 6 users won’t be able to see any such feature.


Reachability Feature in iPhone 6 Plus

Sue to its larger size, iPhone 6 Plus is challenging to use in one hand, but Apple has introduced a feature dubbed as “Reachability” in iPhone 6 Plus to make it user friendly in one hand use. Reachability feature swipes down the whole screen to make it easy to access the button on the top of the screen.


Pricing & Availability

On a two year contract, iPhone 6 will cost you $199, $299 and $399 for 16GB, 64GB and 128GB models respectively. Meanwhile, apple is charging a $100 premium on the iPhone 6 Plus. It’s available for $299, $399, and $499 for 16GB, 64GB and 128GB models on a two years contract.

iphone 6 price

As far as the availability of the devices goes, both devices will be launched on September 12 and Apple is aiming to make these two devices available in 115 countries before the end of 2014.

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