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iOS 8 banner goes up at Moscone Center ahead of WWDC 2014

Finally, we’re entering the last stretch of waiting before the WWDC keynote, where Apple is going to unveil iOS 8. Apple has been readying Moscone Center for WWDC  2014, and now the company has put up the iOS 8 banner at the venue.


On coming Monday, Tim Cook and others are going to hit stage in San Francisco to take the wraps off its upcoming major firmware update i.e. iOS 8.

The banner that has gone up at Moscone Center shows a minimalist under water figure 8 printed in a thin font. The banner does all but confirm the iOS 8 software update will be the center of the upcoming week long annual conference.

WWDC 2014 begins on next Monday with a live keynote at 10:00 AM Pacific. Apple is widely rumored to announce iOS 8 with its beta availability to developers shortly after the keynote.

iOS 8 is rumored to bring some major new changes to the mobile OS including some new apps such as Healthbook, Preview, and TextEdit. Apple is also said to me working on major improvements to its mapping solution, transit directions, Notification Center, and more.


We’ll be covering WWDC 2014 keynote in details, providing you the latest news and updates as the conference unfolds.  Other than iOS 8, Apple will also be introducing its next version of OS X.

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