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iPhone 6 spotted on Big Screen during WWDC preparations?

iPhone 6 leaks have been making rounds for the past several weeks showing us the device from almost all possible angles. If the next generation iPhone turns out to be what rumors have been showing us, it won’t be much of a surprise because we’ve already seen a lot about this upcoming device. However, this time Nowhereelse.fr has come up with a video showing an iPhone 6 render  purportedly filmed during Apple’s preparations for WWDC 2014 on the big screen.

render iphone 6

As per source site, the video was filmed during Apple’s preparations for WWDC14 keynote that is going to be held on coming Monday. At first glance, the device seems like an iPhone 5s, but based on the key details discussed by Nowhereelse.fr, it really seems to be a render of Apple’s rumored 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

The device filmed on the video has more curved edges that an iPhone 5s. The top and the bottom of the device also seems to show more slopped edges (which were not found in leaks). The rear shell design also resembles to the leaked renders of an iPhone 6 and is somewhat different than the iPhone 5s. The low quality of the video makes it hard to tell anything for certain about this leak.

It seems strange that Apple would be playing  a video of iPhone 6 when it’s preparing for a conference that is meant for Apple’s software division (iOS 8 and OS X) and it will not show off any new hardware such as iPhone, iWatch or a refreshed Apple TV.

Below you can watch Nowhereelse.fr’s video of iPhone 6 renders shown during the preparations for WWDC 14 and decide for yourself.

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