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AllThingsD Confirms Gold iPhone 5S

After several component leaks, rumors and various reports, existence of champagne/gold iPhone 5S seems to be true. Following KGI Securities and TechCrunch, WJS-owned blog AllThingsD also confirms the existence of gold iPhone 5S
When it comes to predicting Apple’s upcoming products, AllThingsD has almost perfect track record. John Paczkowski of AllThingsD reports:

Sources in position to know tell AllThingsD that Apple, after years of offering the iPhone in either black and white, will soon offer it in a gold tone as well.

The new color option was described to AllThingsD as an “elegant” gold tone. “Think champagne, not ingot,” a source said, confirming what not seems to be some spot-on speculation from iMore last week. Sources say that the gold iPhone will feature a white face, with a gold-tone back plate and chamfered edging.

The golden tone in iPhone 5S will reportedly be similar to the yellow iPod touch 5G in color but a bit lighter in shade. With so many reports from sources with solid track record, the gold color iPhone 5S seems inevitable.

Apple is widely expected to unveil the iPhone 5S, with gold color option, and perhaps low-cost iPhone 5C at the media event on September 10.


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