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How To Do Many Things With iPhone 3.0 Home Button

In earlier versions of iPhone firmwares, you were able to go to Home page or force quit an application with the Home button on your iPhone. But iPhone OS 3.0 comes with a variety of actions that can be performed with iPhone Home button.

iPhone Home Button Action# 1

By pressing the Home button once from the Home screen, it will navigate to Spotlight Search. By pressing it again, you will be brought back to home page.


iPhone Home Button Action# 2

You can go back to Home page from any other page, say page#8. No need to swap you finger 8 time to get back to home page from 8th page. Just press the home button once from 8th or whatever page, you will be brought back to home page.


iPhone Home Button Action# 3

When your iPhone is locked and screen is blacked out, just press the Home button to wake it up. Yeah, Home button does the same function as the Power button does to wake the iPhone up.


iPhone Home Button Action# 4

By double pressing the Home button in iPhone OS 3.0, you can access:

  • Home
  • Search
  • Phone Favorites
  • Camera
  • iPod

You can set the action to Double pressing the Home button from:

Settings > General > Home

Choose your desired action.


iPhone Home Button Action# 5

iPhone you’re listening to a song in iPod application, double pressing the Home button with bring up iPod Controls no matter what action you have selected in action # 4.


iPhone Home Button Action# 6

if you iPhone is locked and you’re listening to music, double pressing the Home button will show up iPod controls without unlocking iPhone.


iPhone, the sweet little device comes with a lot of great hidden features that needs to be explored. The more you explore your iPhone, more will learn about it.  We here, at try to provide iPhone Guides, tips, hacks and to do fun stuff with your iPhone. We have also posted Best Tips for iPhone OS 3.0 (Mega post). Check it out aswel. and stay tuned for future updates.

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Umar Hafeez June 26, 2009, 8:02 pm

When u press the home and power button at a time any where in the
phone u can take in main menu press the home n power button at same time u can take snap shot ogf icons.
Picture will be saved in photos.

Joris T June 29, 2009, 12:16 am

Got 2 more for ya:

1. If you press and hold the Home button and the Lock button at the same time (the button on top of the phone), Your phone will shutdown.

2. If you hold the home button when an application got stuvk, the App will force quit.

iPhone Heat June 29, 2009, 10:31 pm

Jorish T
I appreciate your input..
these tips are only about HOME button NOT Home + someone..

@ 2nd tip..
In iPhone OS 3.0 Force Quit steps has changed and involves power button as well.

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