Best Tips for iPhone OS 3.0 (Mega Post)

Best Tips for iPhone OS 3.0 (Mega Post)

For almost a week, we are posting all about iPhone OS 3.0 which comes with more than 100 new features, actually some great new features. Many of the iPhone users have already updated their iPhone to OS 3.0. So, this time I have come up with a lot of best new features in iPhone OS 3.0 and will tell you how use them and make most of out of iPhone OS 3.0.

If you haven’t yet updated to iPhone OS 3.0 and are willing to update, the you can download iPhone OS 3.0 for your device. Then the other question that will arise in your mind will be How to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone on OS 3.0? continue reading, you’ll find your answer.

Best Tips for iPhone OS 3.0

Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone OS 3.0

You can Jailbreak and unlock you iPhone 3G and 2G (1st Gen iPhone). Go to the following guides to Jailbreak/Unlock your iPhone OS 3.0:

iPhone 3G:

iPhone 2G:

iPod Touches

  1. How to Create Voice Memos

    Voice Memos is a new native application in iPhone OS 3.0. Using Voice Memos, you can Record, edit and share voice memos. If you have MMS facility then you can send Voice memos via MMS and it will be like leaving a VoiceMail without making a call.

    How to do it:

    Here we have already posted a comprehensive guide for Voice Memos:

    How to Create Voice Memos in iPhone OS 3.0


  2. How to enable Tethering with Mobile Safari

    Internet tethering is, it basically allows you to connect to WiFi or 3G on your laptop through your iPhone by turning your iPhone into a “modem”. Tethering work through USB and Bluetooth connectivity. Tethering will only work with the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S. No older models.

    How to do it:

    We have already posted a comprehensive guide on enabling Tethering here:

    How to Enable Tethering on iPhone OS 3.0


  3. How to Enable Tethering for AT&T iPhones

    Internet tethering is, it basically allows you to connect to WiFi or 3G on your laptop through your iPhone by turning your iPhone into a “modem”. Tethering work through USB and Bluetooth connectivity. Tethering will only work with the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S. No older models.

    How to do it:

    1. Go to:
      Settings > General > Network > Internet Tethering
    2. Turn the Toggle button to ON.


  4. How to send MMS

    MMS (The Multimedia Messaging) is one of the most wanted feature of iPhone OS 3.0. But iPhone 2G (1st Gen iPhone) users are out luck because iPhone 2G hardware is not supported for MMS. So, No MMS in iPhone 2G. iPhone 3G users can send Pictures and Audio only. However, iPhone 3GS users can enjoy by sharing Videos as well. You can also send audio recordings from Voice Memos, contact information from Contacts, and locations from Maps.

    How to do it:

    • While creating a New Text Message or responding to a Text Conversation:
    • Tap the Camera logo on the bottom left corner.
    • Select “Take Photo” or “Choose Existing”. On iPhone 3GS the first option will be “Take Photo or Video”

    *MMS support from AT&T coming in late summer.

    *File size limit is determined by carrier – some files may be compressed


  5. How to enable Video Camera feature in iPhone 2G and 3G

    The new iPhone 3GS comes with Video Camera feature using which you can shot videos of thing around you. In iPhone 3GS you can also edit those videos. But unfortunately Video Camera feature is not officially out for iPhone 2G or 3G.We know that jailbreak community is already enjoying this feature in earlier firmware versions. But, what about iPhone OS 3.0? How to enable Video Camera in iPhone 2G and 3G on iPhone OS 3.0?The guyz at ispazio did this awesome hack for us.


    Learn how to enable video camera in iPhone 2G and 3G

  6. Account Management and Video Uploading to YouTube

    iPhone OS 3.0 brings a fully functional version of YouTube to your iPhone.Using YouTube Application on iPhone OS 3.0, you can now Sing In to your account, Manage subscriptions, Save and edit favorites, Rate videos, read and comment on videos.iPhone 3GS owners can also directly upload video from their iPhone to YouTube. If you have a YouTube account, you can publish videos directly from iPhone to YouTube (iPhone 3G S only).Note: You can’t publish videos longer than ten minutes to YouTube from iPhone.

    How to do it:

    1. Open a video and tap Share icon at bottom left , then tap “Send to YouTube.”
    2. Sign in to your YouTube account.
    3. Enter publishing information such as Title, Description, and Tags.
    4. Tap Category to choose a category.
    5. Tap Publish.


  7. How to Use Copy/Cut/Paste/Delete Feature

    Using the basic copy/cut/paste feature of iPhone OS 3.0, users can select, copy or cut, and paste text from and to anywhere on the iPhone. In simple words, you can copy text from Web Page or an App and paste it in to Notes or emails or text messages.

    How to do it:

    • Tap and hold on any word until the magnifying glass appears.
    • On Release, Select and Select All will appear.
    • Choosing any of them brings up the Blue markers to make selection.
    • Drag any of the blue handles to make selection.
    • Choose your desired action from the action menu appeared: Cut or Copy
    • In typing Mode, double tap the area and choose Paste from action menu.


    • Double Tap on any word. Blue selection handle will appear.
    • Make your selection by dragging the blue handles. Action Menu will appear.
    • Choose Cut or Copy
    • In typing Mode, double tap the area and choose Paste from action menu.

    Deleting Some Text

    Make your selection with the Blue markers. Hit the backspace button to Delete the selected Text.



  8. How to Show Battery in Percentage

    Jailbreak community enjoying this feature in previous firmwares for a long time. But what about iPhone OS 3.0?

    How to Do it:

    iPhone 3GS

    1. In iPhone 3GS Battery percentage indicator is a default feature. to enable it, Simple go to:
      Settings > General > Usage
    2. and turn Battery Percentage ON

    iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G

    You need to Jailbreak your iPhone in order to get Battery percentage indicator. Once Jailbroken:

    1. Open Cydia
    2. Add this Repo:
    3. Go to Search Tab
    4. Search for asBattery
    5. and Install it
    6. Reboot your iPhone.
    7. Then Simply go to:
      Settings > General > Usage
    8. and turn Battery Percentage ON


  9. How to Control Battery Drainage in iPhone OS 3.0

    Since i have a subscription to MobileMe i was getting push notifications of my emails but i was also getting those same push notifications for my other accounts that don’t support push. So i turn off the push service inside the mail, contact, calender and my battery is back to normal. I Hope this gets fix soon.


  10. Patch MobileInstallation on iPhone OS 3.0

    To install the cracked application o your iPhone, you need to patch MobileInstallation file on your iPhone. For the older firmwares we have posted a guide to patch MobileInstallation. But for iPhone OS 3.0 there’s a lil. tip to patch the MobileInstallation file in order to get cracked apps in to your iPhone.

    How to do it:

    1. Simply go to Cydia
    2. Add the following source:
    3. Go to the Source you just added
    4. Install AppSync from there

    It will patch MobileInstallation on iPhone OS 3.0
    *** Don’t forget to install a free app from iTunes Store before trying Cracked apps.


  11. How to Use Find My iPhone Service and Remote Wipe  [iPhone OS 3.0]

    The Find My iPhone feature helps you locate iPhone if it’s been lost or misplaced, and display a message on your iPhone to help someone return it to you. It includes Remote Wipe, which lets you erase all the information on iPhone in case you don’t recover it, in order to protect your privacy. Find My iPhone requires a MobileMe account. MobileMe is an online service, available by subscription.

    Go to for more to locate, message, and erase your lost iPhone using the Find My iPhone feature in iPhone OS 3.0. To follow these instructions you will need to subscribe to Apple’s MobileMe service and have setup your Mobile Me email account on your iPhone.


    Read the rest of how to locate, message, and erase your lost iPhone.

  12. Delete or Forward Individual Messages

    Using this feature, you can manually forward and delete selected text messages from a text message conversation.

    How to Do it:

    Open any Text message conversation.

    • Hit the Edit button at the top right corner of the screen.
    • Select the message that you want to Delete or Forward by tapping on them.
    • Forward select Text message(s), tap the Forward button at the bottom and choose recipient.
    • Delete the selected Text Message(s), Tap the Delete Button available at the bottom.



  13. Type new message while previous is still sending

    Now in iPhone OS 3.0, when you send a new message, a sending progress bar appears at the top. This relocation of the bar helps in start typing a new message while the previous is still being sent.


  14. Text Message Sending Failed (with Exclamation Sign)

    When a Text Messages fails to make its way to recipient, an exclamatory sign appears next to it and you have the option to retry sending it.


  15. How to Share Contacts

    With the availability of MMS feature in iPhone OS 3.0, now you can share complete contact information (Phone, email, etc..) via message

    How to do it:

    1. Open your desired Contact you want to Share
    2. Press Share Contact Button
    3. Contact will be attached as .vcf file in a New Message.


  16. Email Photos (Up to 5)

    Previous iPhone OS let you email just one Photo as an email attachment. But in iPhone OS 3.0, you can send up to 5 photos, at once, as an email attachment.The previous iPhone operating systems did not allow you to send more than one picture at a time as an email attachment. You can now send up to 5 at once.

    How to Do it:

    • Go to photos
    • Tap the Send Arrow Button on the bottom left
    • Select the Photos you want to send as an email attachment.
    • Hit the share Button at bottom
    • Then Tap on Email
    • To send an email with automatically attached photos

    *Note: You need to setup an email account on iPhone in order to send Photos attached in an email.


  17. Shake to Undo and Redo Typing

    You can Undo your typing by shaking you iPhone on any application you’re using..

    How to do it:

    Undo Typing: Simply Shake to Undo your Typing. (If you already had something written when you start further typing, undo will revert back to that state. But if it was your first sentence, undo will simply erase it). Similarly you can undo any Cut/Paste operation.Redo Typing: Simply shake the iPhone again to perform the redo operation.




  18. Swipe to delete note in Notes

    It was Apple’s carelessness that Swipe to delete feature was missed in the previous firmwares. In iPhone OS 3.0 you are able to delete a note in Notes App by swiping across the note.

    How to do it:

    1. Open the Notes App
    2. Swipe across a note you want to Delete. Delete Button will appear.
    3. Press the Delete button.


  19. Shake to shuffle

    This feature of iPhone OS 3.0 is pretty awesome. Imagine if you’;re too much busy in working out some stuff and some cold play song comes on. Then using this features there’s no need to get your iPhone out of your pocket to change the song.

    How to do it:

    Just give your iPhone a Quick Shake. It will automatically change the Song. If you’re playing a specific play-list or Album, it will Shuffle within that play-list or album. Otherwise it just picks a random song out of your whole collection.

  20. Copying and Pasting Photos and Videos

    You can copy a photo or video (iPhone 3G S only) and paste it in an email or MMS message. Some third-party applications may also support copying and pasting photos and videos.

    How to Do it:

    Copy a photo or video: Hold your finger on the screen until the Copy button appears, then tap Copy.Paste an photo or video: Tap to place an insertion point where you want to place the photo or video, then tap the insertion point and tap Paste.The limit to the file size of attachments is determined by your carrier. If necessary, iPhone may compress the photo or video.


  21. How to Use Voice Control (iPhone 3G S)

    Voice Control (iPhone 3G S only) lets you make phone calls and control iPod music playback by using voice commands.

    How to do it:

    Voice Control Basics

    To activate Voice Control press and hold the Home button until the Voice Control screen appears on screen.Call a Contact From Your Address Book

    Say Call or Dial then say the name of the person. If the contact has more then one number you can follow up with the type of number. For example, say Call George Mobile.

    Dial a Number

    Say Call or Dial then say the number. For example, say Call 1 800 123 4567.

    Make a Correction

    If the Voice Control system got your command wrong you can make a correction by saying Wrong, Not That One, Not That, No, or Nope


    Rest the Rest of How to Use Voice Control (iPhone 3G S)

  22. How to Force Quit An Application

    Force Quit process kills the frozen applications and get you back to the Home Page.

    How to do it:

    1. Hold down the Power Button until Slide to Turn Off appears
    2. Release the Power button
    3. Press and hold the Home button until you get back to Springboard (5-6 Sec)


  23. Landscape Keyboard

    On the older iPhone Firmwares, Landscape keyboard was only available in Safari. But in the iPhone OS 3.0, you can enjoy the convenience of landscape keyboard in all the essential typing programs like: Mail, Safari, Notes and Messages.


  24. Double clicking Home button

    In the earlier iPhone firmwares, you were able to access Favorites by double pushing the Home button or can access iPod Controls if the music is playing. But in iPhone OS 3.0 you can also access Spotlight Search or the Camera by double pushing te Home button.

    How to do it:

    You just need to set it in:

    Settings > General > Home


    Also checkout How to do Many Things with Home Button in iPhone OS 3.0.

  25. Call history log

    In iPhone OS 3.0, if you go to Voicemail or Recents under Phone, you will find that the type of phone is now listed under the name of contact.When you go to details by tapping blow arrow to the right, Call Log with duration is listed and arranged by date.


  26. Copy or Open Link in New Page in Safari

    Now in iPhone OS 3.0, while browsing a web in Safari, you can open any link in a new page or even copy the link URL to clipboard.

    How to do it:

    • Browse your desired page in Safari browser
    • Tap and hold on a link URL
    • A menu will appear asking for Open, Open in New Page or Copy the Link.


  27. Auto-Fill User Name and Passwords

    iPhone can Auto-Fill Username and Passwords for you just like it can automatically fill out registration forms with the credentials you enter in the Contact.

    How to do it:

    • Go to:
      Stettings > Safari > Autofill
    • Turn Use Contact Info ON.
    • Choose the contact you created.
    • Turn Names & Passwords ON.



  28. Spotlight Search

    In iPhone Os 3.0, Apple has introduced a search engine named “Sportlight Search“. It works just like the search in iTunes. any search query brings search results from contacts, email, calendars, notes, apps, and everything in your iPhone.

    How to do it:

    • Press the Home button once to go to Spotlight.
    • Swap you finger to right from SpringBoard to go to Spotlight at the left.
    • You can also set Spotlight on Double Pressing the Home button by changing setting here:
      Settings > General > Home
    • You can also tell Spotlight where to search by changing setting here:
      Settings > General > Home > Search Results


  29. How to Search Through Emails

    Spotlight search feature in iPhone OS 3.0 also filters results from emails. You can also search through your emails from within the Mail App.

    How to do it:

    1. Open the Mail App
    2. Go to Inbox/Drafts/Sent Mail/Trash
    3. Scroll to Top
    4. Select from where to search: From, To, Subject, or All
    5. Input your search Query and Search away!


  30. How to Search Through Notes

    Spotlight is also able to search through your Notes. But you can also search from within the Notes App.

    How to do it:

    1. Launch the Notes App
    2. Scroll Up to visualize the Search Bar
    3. Search Away!


  31. How to Search Through iPod

    In iPhone OS 3.0, you can search through  Artists, playlists, songs, albums, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and everything within iPod from withing iPod App.

    How to do it:

    1. Launch the iPod App
    2. Go to the Tab in which to want to conduct Search (Playlist, Artists, Songs, etc…)
    3. Scroll Up to visualize the Search Bar
    4. Search!


  32. Execute Application from Spotlight

    Spotlight feature in iPhone OS 3.0 let you search Applications as well. you can search and execute the application from there.

    How to Do it:

    1. Simply go to Spotlight. (Press Home button or go left to the Springboard)
    2. Type the name of the App in search bar
    3. tap the search result to execute the App


  33. Install Practically Unlimited Apps

    There is no limit to the number of apps that can be installed (beside storage space). Once you reach the Home screen limit, apps installed after that are installed without an icon but can be accessed in spotlight. below 67 of the 203 apps are not shown on the home screen. you can also use this to hide any apple application (i.e. weather and stocks).

  34. Count your Installed Application

    Now iPhone Os 3.0 also Tell you how many applications you have installed on your iPhone.

    How to do it:

    1. Go to:
      Settings > General > About
    2. 6th row will tell you how many applications you have installed. If you have no Application installed, there will be no counter.


  35. Safari

    There are no major changes in iPhone Safari Browser but some of the little changes include the stability of Safari on iPhone OS 3.0.Now you can also close a Single Web Page in the tab view. Before that If you have a single page open, you were unable to close it unless you go to Tab View and Add New Page. Then you could close the 1st page.Now just hit the “X” on the cornet of the page and a fresh new page will appear which make safari experience bit more convenient.

    In iPhone OS 3.0, you can also copy a link from web page or open it in new page by holding down the finger on the link. Safari also features Auto-fill options. Both features are already discussed.


  36. Moving app across pages

    Before iPhone OS 3.0, moving Apps across pages was irritating. Relocation of apps resulting in messed up order of apps, blank spaces and moving things around. In iPhone OS 3.0, Apple have made in much convenient to move apps across pages.

    How to do it:

    Now you just drag the app to the left or right edge of the screen and keep holding it there. Pages will automatically keep flipping until you get to the page where you want to place the app. Then move App away from the edge to where you want to place it.

    Now, Everything during the moving process remains intact, no blank spaces and pages flip like a charm.


  37. How to use Parental Controls

    As the iPhone OS 3.0 comes with more great feature, it also comes with more parental control. Decide what kids can and can’t access on iPhone. Set restrictions for Safari, YouTube, iTunes, the App Store, Camera, and location services.What you can restrict:

    • Safari
    • YouTube
    • iTunes
    • Installing Apps
    • Camera
    • Location
    • In-App Purchases
    • Music and podcasts
    • Movies
    • TV Shows
    • Apps

    How to do it:

    1. Go to:
      Settings > General > Restrictions
    2. Tap Enable Restrictions
    3. Enter the 4-Digit Pass Code Twice
    4. Make you selection to your desired Restrictions



  38. Updated App Store View

    There’s no change in the general structure of the App Store in iPhone OS 3.0. However, now you can view screeshots of apps b flipping them right there in App store without opening into separate page.


  39. How to Sync Notes with iTunes

    You can Synchronize your iPhone Notes with computer using iTunes. It’ll be done automatically whenever you connect you iPhone to your computer.

    How to do it:

    1. Connect iPhone to your computer, and open iTunes (if it doesn’t open automatically).
    2. In iTunes, select iPhone in the sidebar.
    3. Go to Info Tab
    4. Check mark the Sync Notes option in iTunes.
    5. Click Apply in the lower-right corner of the screen.

    By default, “Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected” is selected.


  40. How to Encrypt iPhone Back Up

    You can Secure and safe your iPhone Backup taken with iTunes by encrypting and password protecting it.

    How to do it:

    1. Check Mark the option “Encrypt iPhone Backup
    2. Input a password


  41. In-App Purchasing

    Some applications allow you to make purchases within the application. For example, an eBook application can have a bunch of books displayed, and allow you to purchase whichever one you’d like right from within the app. Purchasing new Level with a game is another example.

  42. Peer-to-Peer Connectivity

    You will be able to find other devices running the same app as you via Bonjour over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Imagine you are sitting in an airport, and you want to play chess. You open the chess game, find another user, and have a real-live chess game with some other iPhone user in the airport. Peer-to-Peer connectivity will also be used to allow some data sharing in applications.

  43. Purchasing and Downloading Content from the iTunes Store to iPhone over 3G Network (no size limit)

    You can use the iTunes Store on iPhone to purchase and download songs, albums, TV shows, movies, music videos, and audiobooks directly to iPhone within any need of Wi-Fi connection. You can also stream and download audio and video podcasts.


    Remember parents, new movies cost 15$ a pop so you better use parental controls if your kid has an iPhone or iPod Touch.

  44. Turn By Turn Navigation

    Full turn-by-turn navigation is now available to developers to implement into their applications. Developers could have done this before but a legal clause by Apple restraint them from working on Turn-by-Turn navigation. However, the clause is dropped now.TomTom, the famous GPS company, presented their app at the WWDC, and it looks great. They even created a car attachment kit (that charges your iPhone too.) Check out the video they created:

  45. Playback audiobooks in variable speeds

    Now, in iPhone OS 3.0, you can increase that play-back speed of a audiobook. A nice feature indeed, for all those speed listeners out there.

  46. Calls from non-contacts shows city and State/Country

    Calls from unknown/non-contact numbers will show the city and stat/country to give an idea that where the call came from. Details will be listed under Recents and Voicemail directly under the phone number.

  47. Album Art Displayed While Charging (instead of battery logo)

    Part of the iPhone’s appeal is it’s attractive design, and when you’re having a party, you want things to look good. If you have an iPod Dock that plays iPhone music and charges it at the same time, you might have noticed that the stylish album artwork disappears, and the green/red battery logo appears.Now, with 3.0, even if the phone is charging, the display will continue to show the album artwork.

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