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VoIP over 3G Comes to iPhone, Finally

Apple has pushed an updated to its iPhone SDK 3.2 and has allowed iPhone apps to feature VoIP over 3G support, according to a press release from iCall. First it was the AT&T restricting iPhone users from using VoIP apps on their iPhones to make calls over 3G network but after the investigation by FCC […]

AT&T Now Allowing VoIP Over 3G Network for iPhone

AT&T has announced that they have taken necessary steps to enable VoIP applications on iPhone to run over 3G network. It means, now AT&T is allowing iPhone apps like Google Voice and Skype to run over 3G network. Previously, VoIP applications on iPhone were enabled for Wi-Fi connectivity only not over 3G network, presumably to […]

How to Use SlingPlayer Over 3G

As reported earlier: SlingPlayer for iPhone AppStore Now but because of AT&T, SlingPlayer can only stream TV over Wi-Fi. If you want to use SlingPlayer over 3G network, this post is for you. As always, Jailbreak community is able to enjoy SlingPlayer over 3G network.  So, you want your SlingPlayer to work over 3G? Go […]