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How to lock iPhone or iPad to a Specific App Using Guided Access

Guided Access is an Accessibility feature that helps you stay focused on a task and locks the iPhone or iPad to a single app. When the Guided Access feature is enabled, user will only be able to access that one specific app without having any option to go back to home screen, close that app, […]

How to Extend iPhone Battery Life

Battery life/drainage is one of the most common issues for iPhone and iPod Touch users. The overall battery performance of iPhone 3GS is pretty less than what Apple claims. If you’re one of those iPhone users for whom the iPhone battery drainage and then charging it again and again is the biggest issue then you’ll […]

iPhone Tips: How to Fix the Rogers 3G Date & Time Error

Many of the Canadian iPhone users are facing the timestamps within Mail and World Clock mismatch problem. A Canadian iPhone blogger has posted solution to this problem after fixing it with his iPhone. I immediately assumed it was a Rogers 3G network error or possibly Gmail. After asking a few of my friends with iPhones, […]